When and when not to think Logically

To think with logic or not with logic, that is the question? But what is the answer, when should you use logical thought and when should logic be ignored? In reality it is impossible to give a precise reply. Although there are some clearly defined times when one should think logically, there are equally those occasions when most of us will not, and indeed do not necessarily want to.

When to think logically

It is often preferable to think logically when we are working. Firstly, there is normally a set task or series of tasks to be performed in a particularly order, of the finished product or service will be a disaster. Secondly, when issues such as safety are important we need to take logical steps to make sure no-one is in any danger or likely to have an accident as result of something we might not have given sufficient logical thought to. For example, it would not be logical to leave a small box in an open doorway, as it is likely that someone would fall over it and hurt him or herself.

Logical thinking is also important for use in education. If you are doing research or mathematical calculations the use of logic is vital. Problem solving needs a step-by-step approach to reach a conclusion that is valid, workable and provides the correct solution.

Around the home there are also many examples of where you need to follow a thought pattern in an orderly and logical fashion. Imagine trying to put together a flat pack piece of furniture without following the instructions properly? Do you want to sleep on a bed that slopes to one side all because you did not apply logical thought and make sure that the base was attached at the same level each side?

Similarly, every day we will use some form of logical thinking when we go about our leisure activities. No logical person would think of getting into their car and backing off the driveway without look behind at where they were going, just to make sure a) they were not going to hit anything and b) that there is no one standing in a dangerous position or likely to walk past as the car moves off the drive.

Some people, although by no means all, also apply logic to relationships. For example, they might have pre-conceived ideas about who they want to date. Hair colour, height, wealth and religion might be critical factors before a person will even consider dating another. Not very romantic I know, but it is the way some take logic to an extreme. In fact there are religions that insist on this disciplined approach.

When not to think logically

However, for some of the areas above where logic should or can be applied, the opposite might also true, with freedom of thought being equally acceptable. Take for example a work environment. Within most successful businesses there are ideas people. These people are expected to “think outside the box.” Their job is not to allow themselves to be tied down to logic, but to come up with a new, creative and innovative way of completing a task or attracting consumer attention that has not been previous thought of or attempted. Furthermore, an artist of any nature will think creatively, not allowing him or herself to be bound by the fence of logic and this equally applies to a creative writer.

Relationships are another area of life where, apart from those already mentioned, most people will defy logic. It does not matter how many logical reasons and thoughts you might give these people, outlining the reasons why they should not enter into a relationship with another, if they turn round and express the emotional thought that they love him or her logic flies straight out of the window. In this respect life is deemed as exciting and emotionally charged by thoughts that are not logical.

Yes there are areas of life where applying logical thought is not only needed but essential, but lack of logical thinking is the one thing that adds surprise, emotions and adventure to life. It would be quite boring and unromantic if all of life were based upon a logical and orderly thought pattern. And I should know as I have always been told that I don’t think logically, but I do enjoy my life, mistakes and miscalculations as well.