When and when not to think Logically

To think in a logical manner requires the proper application of unspoken words with a bit’ of common sense – more would be better, but in today’s society that would be pushing it. A prime example is myself, as I am not too sure what was more foreign to me when I was youngerthe use of logic or common sense.

Incorrectly applied logic would be similar to drawing without a pencil or painting with paint, while expecting a beautiful masterpiece to develop from the lack of effort. And yet when I was younger, I was nave enough to think logic was not an important requirement of my life or for that matter, of anyone else’s. At the age of ten I considered myself brilliant and intelligentwhat more could I want?

The idea of logically using a “logical thinking process” to develop a few clearly defined goals was totally ludicrous, or so I continued to think over the years. My gosh, it would require doing something, such as taking some form of effective action to actually achieve my goals. Believe me, that was not me! At least that was what I told my mother, anyway, over the years. As I have aged and “growed up,” as my granddaughter says, things have begun to be different, and I enjoy my mind tremendously and who I have become. This involved how I have learned to use my ability to think with proper perspective, logic, and reasoning. Today, I have learned know how important logic is and how much it can effect my life, as I have passed the half-a-century timeline.

Thinking logically is important to avoid confusion and friction in one’s life, with the lack of it eventually effecting the ability to make decisions that are not only wrong but can be quite destructive. Logic mentally lays the cards out on the table to get a picture with more clarity and detail. Once the puzzle is pieced together correctly, a person can see what it actually is-not what it is assumed to be, based on incorrect perspective. That is why it is used in science and math so much, as it paints a perfect and accurate picture that is considered “black and white truth.”

Another decision is to decide when to not use logic, which unfortunately is much easier to recognize and do. Due to the lack of confusion and turmoil, life at that time seems to be going smoothly and questions are not so demanding. Therefore, most people do not use it. An analogy is this,

“How many people go by a therapist’s office and decide to go in, saying to themselves, Golly, I have nothing to do and I feel so good-guess I will go spend a couple hundred dollars and see the shrink!’ “

Does that seem like a logical thing to say and do. Absolutely not. Most people simply follow a very comfortable winding and crooked path, as I did myself over the years, until life hits them smack in the face like an iron skillet. Then you go to the “shrink.” Those same people use something not referred to in the title of this paper, which is the use of fuzzy logic. That is applied logic with very little common sense, kinda’ making sense but not really. It’ll do in a pinch, is about all I have to say. And I should knowI used it throughout my childhood and teen years.