Thinking Logically

Creative thinking often originated from illogical thinking. Illogical thinking as seen by others, and not the one thinking, however. For creative individuals, what may seem illogical to others, may be quite logical to them. Yet, how not to think logically invites the question, when should we think logically and when should we think illogically?

Logical thinking, we will normally think, is the best all-around approach to thinking, yet what happens when logic does not work. Then, of course we should at least attempt to think illogically if it is illogical situations that confront us. I have no tips to give you on how to do this, however, but I am logically thinking on the problem. I am trying to illogically think logically: If I were standing in the middle of four lane traffic and two cars were an equal distance from me, and both in the lanes near me, and one was going north and the other was going south, what would I do?

Logic would tell me to get out of the way and run across the lanes to the street. If did so, I would be hit. Thinking illogically would have me standing still hoping they would see me and would manage somehow not to hit me. I would be hoping their logic would save me. Is this illogic or is it stupidity for having been jay walking in the first place.

Selecting the most illogical of questions to answer proves to me that I am not always logical. What is logic anyway? Logic is what is believed to be true according to prior assessments of certain statements and truths. But logic clearly does not have all the answers.

It cannot know, for instance, whether flight or fight is better; or whether what we think we know is the absolute truth. It can only assume according to what usually is done in such circumstances. Even to be considering the contrast between the two is illogical.

To be illogical is to be ignorant of logic or to ignore the teachings of logic; and I am guilty on both counts. Not only that I really don’t care much for the study of logic. It seems to repeat itself over and over. I would rather take my chances on being accused of being illogical and not knowing what I am talking about than boring myself by forever thinking and acting as everyone else thinks and acts.

So what if logical thinking isn’t for everyone. Some things just don’t make sense no matter how much logic you throw at them. Take, for instance, the truth of the fact of matter. We hear that phrase echoed frequently, and logic it isn’t. We should say the truth of the matter, or the fact of matter, or matter of fact, but some illogical thinkers liked the sound of the truth of the fact of matter so much they now have been accused and found guilty of turning illogical factual matters into logical sentences. That is illogical.

Not only that, the preceding is useless logic. It does not tell us the truth of anything, less of all the matter it represents. And that brings me to the conclusion that it is okay to be illogical; especially whenever the occasion calls for less academics and pomposity and a little more ignorance and useless thinking.