Uncovering the Significance of Dreams

I utilise my journal every day to try to find the meaning in my dreams, and sometimes I can get some great answers from doing this.

The only way to uncover, and then to understand the significance of your dreams, is to start to take them seriously, by writing them down, and then trying to ascertain their inner meaning for you. There always will be an inner meaning for you, and when you find this, perhaps sometimes hidden inner meaning, you will begin to see then, that you have also begun to uncover the real significance, and wisdom available to you, and possible to, from your own dreams.

Here’s a dream that I had recently, and I will endeavour to explain how, I myself, discovered the significance of this dream for myself:

In my dream, I was walking on the top of two large concrete pipes running together, side by side, and stretching across some grassy fields, and seemingly going on for miles and miles, into the far off distance. I’m walking on the top of these huge pipelines, and jumping carefreely, but also a bit carelessly, from one to the another. I am feeling deep inside, myself, not really so very happy, as somehow I know, that inside the pipes, is flowing raw effluent. But the surrounding grassland is ok, picturesque, green, and very pleasant for me to look at, as I keep walking, along the tops of the pipes. And as I’m walking, I’m thinking to myself, life itself, is pretty much like that. You have to walk on top of the negative, and the world’s effluent, but overall the world is still pretty good.

In the morning, I recorded this dream, and so I wrote in my journal, these thoughts, about it.

Everything is related, and connected together, in some way, or another. The priority is always to identify the main issues that are holding you back, right now. Your current problems, are the surface pointers to what’s underneath. Current problems link, and point out to you, the underlying problems, that you need to work on, in relation to the bigger issues, that are actually the real issues responsible, for your current problems. And so these bigger issues, are the real concerns, and the factors in your life, that are actually attracting to you now, these current problems.

Dreams help you to see these connections, by showing you the underlying problems, presently contributing to the current life problems, that you are now experiencing, and going through. Once you can see these connections, from the varying aspects, and experiences of your own dreams. The real significance, and importance of your own dreams, will also then be revealed for you, as well.

On the other hand, if you can be aware enough, and humble enough, to be able to critically identify, and find your present right current attitude, which could indeed turn out to be, a wrong attitude for you, it can lead straight to your underlying problems, or issues. The whole idea is for you to be able to self analyse yourself, to be able to spot the actual attitude that you are holding now, and to be right in your own analysis. This is because your problems are often deeply hidden, and mostly you are glossing over them, walking on top of them, without really identifying, or seeing them, in yourself. But somehow, you do know that they are there, and this subtle awareness of them, bothers you.

This is where dreams also can help to point out to you the issues, that you are not currently seeing in your everyday life, right now. Your right attitude, might not be the right attitude, after all. But you have to be right in your identification of your attitude, to be able to change it, for the better. If you think it is already right now, well then, you never could change it, as you don’t really want to. But if your dreams reveal to you, that this attitude that you think is the right one to be holding, might not be right after all, this is a very significant first step, in growing into a newer, and better person, never possible, if you think you are right in thinking, that you are already that person now.

The biggest factor that we need to overcome in all of our lives is ourselves. And this is where dreams are so helpful. They reveal our self, to our self. We can get to know our true self, from our dreams.

And so back to my dream. I think it is telling me to still keep going, and not to stop, because I am being overwhelmed my problems, or the perceived problems, in the world at hand. Keep walking on forwards, my dream is advising me. Stay on top of my perceptions, and observations, and to keep looking around, and to appreciate things, other than just my problems. Perceptions change, and so what I am currently observing, and interpreting, might not actually be the whole, and completely correct picture.

When I get to the end of the pipe up the mountains, I will perhaps then see the larger view possible, and so learn the greater truths. I will then find and so discover, that at the start of the pipe, and in my beginning, at the start of my life journey, the pipe was actually flowing, with crystal clear, purely fresh, pristine mountain water. As I look back at the large pipes, crossing my own journey, across the valley down from the mountains, towards the ocean, I will then realise at long last, that it’s only my own problems, that have seemed to pollute the water, flowing in the pipes, further down the valley.

And the level of pollution is dependant on how many problems I have brought to myself, only though for my own learning experience. But in the end, all the problems will flow into the ocean, and most will then be dissolved, and forgotten about. Any real problems, by that stage, should have been worked on by the purification plants, to be found along on the way, to the ocean. These purification plants are of course our dreams, that are always trying to purify our thoughts, and to redefine our problems for us, by showing us they are never problems, but always only ever learning opportunities.

All our problems are life lessons for us, on our journey towards God, and to the greater levels of experiencing of love, possible for us always, when we allow love to solve our problems, by showing us our problems, were never really problems, but only ever the stages of learning more about love.

My message here then, from my dream for me, is to just live. Everything is in place, and perfectly behaving, and performing as it should be. I’m being shown never to worry about my problems, but to just keep moving through my life. Never stop, to examine what’s actually helping me to move along. Stopping attracts more stoppages. Keep moving, and everything will be revealed, and understood, at a later part of the journey. All my questions will be answered, within my journey. And my dreams are such a large, and significant part of my journey, that I should not overlook them, but allow them to help me progress, on my journey.

My dream is showing me that all problems only exist at the individual level, and disappear in the whole, and bigger picture. No problems ever do exist in the bigger picture. All is forever happening, as it should be. Problems just are seen, and come to you then, when you stop on your journey, and so attract the problems to you. If you see them as just part of the overall bigger picture, you can reframe a problem then, as just part of the landscape, that is serving a larger purpose, to make the landscape perfect for you, to be able to see it all more clearly, and entirely.

Problems only block your own vision, and stop you from seeing the bigger picture out there, across your real horizon. Love is always at your horizon, and always with you now, if you can put the problems aside, to notice that love, is the one handing you the problems, and which it calls, life’s lessons.

Dreams show you these hidden connections, and significances of what you are doing. And so really, when you look at them properly, you will then see the problems insignificance really, in comparison with the complete journey of us all, taken as a whole. As the whole is the whole, and problems cannot effect the whole. Problems only can affect the individual.

I got all of these thoughts, from thinking widely about my dream.

And yes, the whole of course is everything. Everything includes everything. Everything is only defined as something separate, by the individual. So problems only exist to the individual, because he has isolated, and separated them away from the whole, but in reality he is the one that is calling it a problem, identifying, and defining it as a problem, and experiencing it as a problem, but only if he allows it to be that way.

Love is always the better way. Let love wash a way over the problems, and lessen there impact, and so to find a way for you through life. And so the problem is then not a problem, but is now only a way for you to learn, and to acknowledge the love, even now, always in your life. And so you will begin to realise, that all problems only come to you, to actually allow more love, to come into your life. Love exists, and is always available. It’s up to you to put aside the sidetracking problem, and so to recognise the love everywhere, absolutely everywhere.

There is no place in all creation, where love is not. Only when your problem stops you from feeling love, by changing your focus, to the problem, away from that love, is a problem ever created for you, and by you. At these times when we are feeling the stresses of life, and the seemingly overwhelming problems that we face, we then need to refocus in again, on love.

For that is all that will ever matter in the end. Love started the journey, and love will be there also at the completion, of the journey. It’s up to you how much love you see along the way of your journey. You can see the problems, as problems, or you can only see the love that is bringing them to you, and that is behind every problem.

Dreams are significant, not because they reveal these problems to you, but that they show you the love underlying the problems, and allow you to grasp a greater understanding, and later a higher degree of wisdom about the way love works, and can work for you, and for me, and for us all. Love never stops working for us, and it is very significant to me, that love is always working for us, in our dreams as well. This alone makes dreams highly significant, and beneficial for us all, to examine, and to learn all we can, from them all.