Uncovering the Significance of Dreams

Dreams are very complex, even on the most basic level. Dreams can be anything. It can be a memory played from a different perspective, it can be a premonition (I know someone who had one but it was a minor premonition), it can be showing you your fears, your fantasies and your dreams (No pun intended).

There are a certain group of people out there who have the ability to control their dreams direction i.e they know they’re in a dream and can change it at their will. This ability was also fleshed out in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, where the last kids of Elm Street had the ability to control their dreams. I want to learn this ability but it takes a long time and quiet a bit of work.

But if dreams have any significance, do we really want to change them? What if the dream we have is a premonition? If you mess with that then you’ll regret it when you realize the dream was telling you something!

Let’s take one of my dreams for example: Once I had a dream that Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield from Resident Evil were meeting in a flat to discuss taking down the Umbrella Corporation. Then a bunch of zombies came in and the world suddenly changed and I was in a zombie city like environment and I was trying to shoot the zombies coming towards me that looked incredibly two dimensional. Here’s how I interpreted the dream: At the time, I hated Resident Evil, I feared it. The reason why I dreamed of Resident Evil is because my subconscious self was trying to get it out of my system. The 2D zombies signified the fact that the fear was minor and wasn’t a major problem. And now I’m a big fan of the series!

So assuming then that the reason we dream is because our body is trying to get stuff out of our system, then maybe we have to look at dreams in a different way. Don’t base the dream on first looks, connect it to something in your life. Maybe then you’ll find the connections between your dreams and their true meaning…