Top Stories over Extintion of Dinosarus

During the time of the dinosaur there were no factories or automobiles so the ozone layer would be in perfect condition. There was one natural disaster that could have damaged the ozone layer back then and that was volcanoes. This leads back to scientists digging up dinosaur fossils from the Cretaceous period and also finding a lot of volcanic rock. We know that scientists know there were lots of volcanic eruptions so it is not a far jump to figuring out that this had a very detrimental effect on the ozone layer.

When a volcano errupts it not only produces lava but it also produces huge amounts of hydrochloric acid. This poisonous gas can deface the ozone layer. Scientists know there were mass amounts of active volcanoes during the Cretaceous period. This could have spread cancer-like wildfires with no protection from the sun. Dinosaurs did not have any protection like birds and other creatures who had the protection of feathers so they would be left totally endangered by the activity. This would have been the beginning of the end for the dinosaur. This again is just a theory. Well, maybe a little proof as we do know there were massive volcanic eruptions.

These are just a few of the theories that are being discussed but we have to base our decision on the facts that are available today and the fact it that an asteriod would have wiped out the dinosaur. In the world today the quest to find out how dinosaurs did become extinct will not end in pursuit of the truth. We may never know the answer for sure but you can be sure there will be new theories introduced, as long as mankind seeks theories on how dinosaurs became extinct.

 How did the dinosaurs become extinct? This is a question that has stumped scientists ever since dinosaur fossils were first discovered. There are many theories as to how the dinosaurs became extinct. This page presents some of the most popular thoeries. Keep in mind that there is no absolutely proven theory. Noone knows for certain exactly why and how the dinosaurs became extinct.

Probably the most popular theory right now is the Asteroid Theory. According to this theory a large asteroid or comet collided with Earth about 65 million years ago. Scientists think that such a large collision would throw so much dust into the air that sunlight would not be able to shine and plants and animals would die. The dramatic changes in climate that resulted from this huge collision were too much for the dinosaurs. They were not able to survive.

Another theory that could explain how the dinosaurs became extinct is volcanic activity. A huge increase in volcanic activity at around 65 millions years ago could have pumped so much ash into the air that it blocked out the sun killing the dinosaurs.

Some scientists believe that there was a severe ice age. Throughout Earth’s history there have been many ice ages. The last one ended about 10,000 years ago. A very severe ice age could have changed temperatures and frozen a lot of Earth’s water. The dinosaurs would not be able live under such conditions and that is how the dinosaurs became extinct.

 It has also been suggested that disease killed off the dinosaurs. A very deadly and contagious desease may have circulated among the dinosaurs forcing them to become extinct.

Still yet another theory is that the Earth just gradually changed in climate over a long time period and the dinosaurs were not able to adapt to the cooler, dryer climate. There are probably other theories as to how the dinosaurs became extinct. One thing is for certain. All dinosaurs that we know of are extinct. How did all the dinosaurs become extinct? Maybe one of these theories is the right answer. However, it is difficult to explain why all the dinosaurs died out but many other animals survived. Perhaps one day we will know for certain how the dinosaurs became extinct. Until then we must speculate and continue the search for the answer to this great mystery of nature.