How to get through Winter Blues

Can’t wait for summer! How many times during the harsh winter months do you hear sonmeone say that? The weather conditions can very well control your mental health. This may sound strange but it is true.

It’s summer! The sun is shining through your windows. It is only 7:00am but you may feel as if you are ready to begin your entire day. You can’t wait to jump in the shower and get some breakfast. As you head out the house, you notice your favorite neighbor is outside watering his grass. The smell of summer is enticing to you as you see a beautiful rainbow appear through water sprinkler. You are in a great mood and is looking forward to going to work.

Mental health is greatly effected by weather. When the sun is out and the wind is calm, you tend to smile more and feel more healthy mentally. As you walk down the street you notice the warm feeling of heat on the back of your neck. It feels inviting and safe. Warm weather causes people to feel better about who they are as a person. Children are out jumping rope and playing. Summer atmospehere is very positive to many people.

The weather reports a severe snow storm. The children are happy to stay home from school and play in the snow. People tend to be happy during this time as well. The entire neighborhood is covered in white soft cotton. It is inviting and fun to touch. Laughter fills the air as teenagers throw snow balls at each other. In a kitchen, a mother is preparing hot soup and hot chocolate for the cold weather. You feel safe and warm inside as you sit by the fireplace and watch the snow fall.

The weather is dreadful. It’s only five degrees and it’s dark outside. This can be very depressing to many people. The sun is not visible and the air is quiet. The trees are quiet and the leaves are constantly falling off. It gets late fast and to many people this can make them feel sad and tired.

In the cold weather, you are forced to wear layers of clothes that may leave you filling weighted down. This may not seem fun for people. The only fun activities there are to do is indoors or you can go see a movie. There are no outdoor fun activities. Preparing for work early in the morning is not encouraging. The house may feel a little cold and the car takes a long time to warm up.

Weather conditions can affect your mental health because of the environment you are forced to deal with. We can’t decide when the sun comes out to shine or when to snow. We can look forward for the future seasons to come. Remember, the cold only lasts a few months and before you know it, it’s time to bring out the bathing suits.