Why People use Drugs and Alcohol as a Means of Escaping Reality

Drugs and Alcohol are a means of “medicating” problems and issues at hand. That’s it. It is the enabler that can take anyone who choses into a total downward spiral. It can start with the vulnerable teen yearning to be cool taking that first drink, smoke or pill to gain acceptance of their peers. It can be the adult doing the same to make the worry load that much lighter. Yes, the first few drinks and smokes make the feelings go away. Ultimately, the user will spend the rest of their day trying to capture that euphoric feeling they had earlier, not realizing that they are out of control.

Today’s society yearns to feel better. 50% of people living in city environments are on anti-depressants. Have a problem? Go to the doctor and get a pill. Go to a bar and start drinking, or roll it up and smoke your troubles away. We live in a society where what you have is what matters and how much money you have matters and those who have lost sight of who they are and what their direction in life is will take a pill, a drink or a smoke or whatever to help keep the image up and above all, be cool.

After months and years go by and jobs, homes, cars, family and friends have left, the reality escaper is left to sober up. Trust and faith are lost and have to be earned again. Time to face the skeletons in the closet and realize that life is hard, but we make it harder on ourselves by escaping reality.

The long journey back home.