Why People use Drugs and Alcohol as a Means of Escaping Reality

Whenever a person chooses to escape reality it is often the result of a painful memory or event that has traumatized them to the point of shutting themselves down emotionally. People use drugs and alcohol because of the instant feeling that they achieve after its use. The drugs and or alcohol allow them to forget what they are dealing with and take them to another place or zone mentally. A person shuts themselves down because they choose to and it seems like the easy way out. Dealing with reality is too much for a person that has been abused or simply someone who chooses not to deal with societal issues and problems. A person uses drugs and alcohol as an excuse which ultimately leads to secrecy.

There is certainly a problem when someone feels that they have to turn to control substances to make them feel better. They are only achieving mental comfort for that brief moment but they are destroying themselves physically. I feel that alcohol and drug usage is a generation curse. There are some children that are born into a family of alcoholics or drug addicts and they don’t know any other way. Living in a family that is affected by social issues tends to lead to a vicious cycle that goes from one generation to the next. Unable to cope with reality they fall into the pattern of the alcohol and drug use. People grow accustomed to this behavior and it becomes a part of them for years. If they do not deal with the situation and seek treatment they often end up committing suicide or destroying themselves of a slow death from drinking and abusing drugs over the years.

There are several forms of therapy including but no limited to counseling. A person has to be willing to open up about their problems. It is obvious that there is a problem especially when escaping reality seems like the only alternative. Dealing with the issue and trying to overcome it is the first step to regaining one’s own identity and living a life that is complete and fulfilling.