Depression is Society Taking the Wrong Approach

Depression is society taking the wrong approach?

“Sweetie, are you getting out of bed today? I really think you should get out and get a job,” said a generic husband to his wife of 20 years. “Maybe you could volunteer somewhere.”
This is going on all over the country every day. My brief stay in a mental hospital when I was having an eating disorder as a youth had me associating with people who just were so depressed that they did not want to leave the hospital. One said that she had lost everything, her job, her house, her money, all gone in the flash of an eye. She wanted to be taken care of for a while; just like every woman wants at one time or another. She wanted her family, and they weren’t there for her. Of course at her age it wasn’t because they did not want to be, it was that they had passed away.
The environment has to be suitable for depression to regress. Maybe the depressed person needs basic things that they can’t provide themselves for many reasons. They need help to get back on their feet. They need food and shelter. They need a therapist to work though mind blocks on success. They have to set goals for themselves that they know that if they reach those goals they are successful even if someone else sets higher goals.
A treatment plan for the depressed person would have to include things to help them get a job and transportation and housing, or extra money to do things with their spouse. Then they would have to figure out how to keep those things. Then lastly to figure out how to be happy with what they have gotten themselves.
Drugs can make a big difference in the way a person feels, I personally took one drug and felt happier of course it was not the right drug for me as it made me so lazy that I couldn’t do anything. Of course, the right combination of drugs is necessary for rehabilitation.
The right drug can make the difference between success and failure of a treatment. IF a person has a weight problem a certain drug can sabotage a treatment, however a different drug can make it work. A psychiatrist may proscribe several drugs in combination, to combat mental disorders based on tests.