Depression is Society Taking the Wrong Approach

Yes society is taking the wrong approach with depression. Despite what many psychiatrists and other professionals in the medical field believe, prescription drugs are not always the best answer. Society tends to put to much emphasis on psych drugs. On every television station you can see at some point or another advertisements for prescription drugs. What ever happened to counseling?

A person who is depressed seems to have very low lows so to speak. A situation such as going through a divorce or losing one’s job may cause somebody to fall into a depression. That person can easily get stuck at that point in their life emotionally. Now a prescription drug that is “made to treat chemical imbalance” can’t tell a person that they at some point got stuck. The drug is a pill that numb sensors in your brain so you don’t focus on the real issue.

Talking to someone who is trained to listen and assist a person with their issues seems to make a lot more sense. After all if you don’t know what started an individual’s depression how is somebody going to be able to treat it? In a society that dedicates so much media and press to prescription drugs and they are failing in many cases. When is society going to push for something that actually has a better chance of working? Counseling is definitely better on an individual basis. And sometimes everyone no matter what their mental state is, just needs to sit down and have a real conversation with somebody who will listen.