Uncovering the Significance of Dreams

Dreaming is a function of brain neural networks rebooting before waking up. R.E.M. snoozing in which rapid eye movement occurs after one slips in to darkness-the subconscious activities of the brain mull over the contents of the day or of days past in memory often detached from a normal space-time order. Any significance one might see in dreams would be in their detail as one might derive from any object when awake.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

It is an historical trait of analysts of dreams that they believe that meaning occurs in the dream itself as if one were receiving a message from the unknown rather than observing material objects that haven’t sentience or meaning. Meaning or significance-what a dream signifies if it exists must originate with one’s self. Is one smug-arter or smarter while asleep than awake, can one trust one’s own reason more when it is just flickering in shadows and gossamer images in mind in whatever structures seem apropos. Could dreaming be a way of eliminating the ‘gas’ of one’s thought that cannot be contained in the mind?

I think that dreams may best be valued for their art forms and color values. If one has bad dreams perhaps that indicates that one is scaring oneself, or that the real fears are reflected and continue while sleeping. Dreams seem to have a recursive context regarding mind-yet one should keep in mind that dreams can also be the subconscious’ attempts to comprehend what is occurring in the real world that the sensory apparatus is inputting to the subconscious. One could transfer from dreaming about a sailboat sinking to awakening suddenly to find oneself upon a sinking sailboat, for instance.

Dreams may summarize with inductive logic analogous paradigms troublesome or emergent issues of the age or just issues of interest individually. Carl Gustav Jung’s archetypes of the collective unconscious may not be entirely on the mark regarding what and why people dream yet it does provide a constructive paradigm to acknowledge the possibility of simultaneous development of dreams about ongoing important social issues. In an era where some stealthy Darth Vader could take over the United States some many may dream about a dark force of subtle power egressing in to the deepest levels of national security-or not. Power and the volatility of dreaming structures can change by design and by designers too perhaps with subconscious programming from sophisticated technical sources. Yet on to the more routine possibilities of dreaming…

Significance is an interesting term when in reference to any particular dream. Dreams are representational phenomena for-themselves as they exist briefly in subconscious experience. They are meaningful as start up bio-mechanics of the reality of a mind booting itself up into existence. In such a state the subconscious may be able to prioritize and assemble unusual elements of experience sometimes with abstract significance and perhaps without. The interesting aspect of dreaming is the vast potential for meaning and significance of them-they are as wide ranging as the potential of mind and knowledge itself.

Dreaming into awakening like a swimmer emerging from the water head first in reverse slicing with a minimal splash into awakening the full colors of dreams may be discovered within the immediate experience of reality, given that one’s reality isn’t immediately within the darkness of a southern night or a northern winter. Some is an interpretation and correlation of direct subconscious experience and some may be entirely abstract reconstructions of data stored in neuron networks. Increasingly cell phones are entering into dreams both as actual calls and as abstract call representations.

Spinning the Universe’s clusters of galaxies comprise stars, field phenomena and sentient human beings with dreams. Each is a fragment of a thousand pieces and moments of potential refreshing a plenitude of being and becoming.

Dreams are the pre-conscious starting up of the brain to full consciousness putting together elements of prior fully conscious thought in para-normal configurations. They stop when one awakens and resume when one falls asleep stopping when one’s brain drops into deep sleep like R.E.M. reflections interpreting loss of integrated experience of the One monist experience. Dreams are the transitional booting up and logging off of the mind. The contents may very, as dream contents are subject to the will as well as external stimulation and reflection.

The monist experience of the Universe appears like an emanation from The One. Plurality is discerned a priori as an inverse reciprocal of the non-perceptible irrational realm of R.E.M. sleep.