UFO Unidentified Flying Objects Mufon Aurora UFO Mir Space Station – Fact

I believe UFO’s do exist.

Quite possibly the first UFO was not only sighted, but crashed in Aurora, Texas in April 1897. Think about it for a minute. In 1897, the people would have had no comprehension of what they were seeing. There were no airplanes or weather balloons to put the blame on. During this time, other areas of the country were reporting having seen something in the sky as well (as far north as Illinois and as far west as California). They described the “airship” as being cigar-shaped.

I find it extremely hard to believe that in their time, so many would claim to see the same thing. They didn’t have the lightening fast information highway that we do. Today, we have the media and Internet which provides us with information in a very short time. It would have taken more time in 1897 to disseminate the information.

More Sightings in Texas:

In January 2008, in the small college town of Stephenville not too far from where I live, reports of UFO sightings started flooding in. At the time, the U.S. Airforce located in a neighboring county, told the media that they had no training missions going on when these sightings occured. Besides, it would be out of their fly-zone anyway. Nonetheless, media was told it wasn’t any of their aircrafts in the sky over Erath Co. that night. Some time later, they changed their story and said they indeed had aircraft in Erath Co. airspace that night in January. This wreaks of a cover up to me.

I have personally seen things in the sky that had no explanation.

Sitting outside one evening in 1995, I believe, we were keeping an eye to the sky for the Mir Space Station. You were supposed to be able to see it that night as it raced across the sky. With the Mir Space Station in sight, our eyes stayed glued. It was really awsome. Suddenly, though, we spotted an object trailing behind the space station. It seemed to have touched, or ricocheted off of, the Space Station. We were in awe of the vision before us.

It wasn’t until a few years later on one of those UFO programs that comes on TV that they were discussing this event. They had footage of the object as it came within mere inches from Mir before suddenly changing its direction on a dime. To this day, I’m left dumbfounded by what I witnessed and know that it wasn’t some kind of trick of the eye or mind. I mean, seriously, it’s on film.

I don’t begrudge anyone who doesn’t believe in UFO’s. I can see where you may have a hard time grasping the concept of the unexplained. Most people believe in God, and we don’t see him – so why is it so hard to believe in the idea that there could very well be a more advanced civilization on another planet? Is it that inconceivable to think that perhaps God also created a whole different race of beings? Are we so special there could be no other? I don’t think so.