UFO is it Real or just another Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theorist

I am sure you have heard about stories of people missing and came back again a few hours later claiming they were abducted by aliens. I am not sure if they are telling the truth but I don’t see any reason why an average people would want to be famous and expose themselves as a witness for alien abduction.

I know that aliens exist and they are among us. No, I didn’t say that because I had been abducted by the aliens, or watch too much Roswell.

There are just too many evidence to deny their existence. Government agencies even try to cover it up and ridicule the public opinion with their Project Blue Book. There is plenty of evidence available online nowadays. You can do a quick search online and look for Youtube videos and photos regarding aliens’ existence.

It is actually hard to identify who are the people that actually serious and really honest and pursue the truth from those who are just seeking popularity and Dr. Steven M Greer is one of them who claim to fight for the full disclose about UFOs to the general public through his famous Disclosure Project.

This a non-profit organization has currently compiled more than 400 testimonies from high-level government, military and private corporate witnesses who has personally encounter such issue and is willing to testify under oath before Congress. Some of the personalities in his list even include general and astronauts.

Other than that, he is also the founder for other alien related projects like The Orion Project and the Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO).

I have a mixed feeling about Dr Green because this UFOlogist because Dr. Green seems to be very passionate about this subject. He was featured on popular TV shows like the Larry King show, CBS, NTV in Japan and plenty more radio and TV shows.

Well, you can say whatever you want but people wouldn’t just pursue their cause if it’s baseless. One of the most video linked to him shows that the government knows at least 57 alien species have been catalogued.

Okay, let me make it clear that I believe Dr. Greer to be someone who is serious with his cause and committed to pursue his ultimate goal to get the US government to disclose whatever information that they have about the existence of alien and proof that they have kept from the public.

He was even approached by the producer of ABC News, Jordan Kronick because they made the claim that they can help him expose the truth about UFO for the first time on huge network news. It would have been a real help if the ABC News done their job and tell exactly as it is according to the information that the Disclosure Project have.

More than tens of thousands of people even attended the conferences he organized for international conventions like MENSA, the Sierra Club and The Institute of Noetic Sciences Board of Directors.

We’ll never know what’s going on between these agencies and organization but you can do your research and make your own judgment after that. Mind to share your opinion?