Assessing UFO Conspiracy Theories

In truth, a conspiracy can’t be a conspiracy without cover up. Who is covering up what? Perhaps there is an alien space craft being hidden away somewhere, say “Area 51” and our government is researching and testing alien technology. Could this be possible? Some say it is, especially those who say they have actually helped with the research. They talk about alien bodies that were gray in color with suction cups on the ends of their fingers and large heads with black vacant eyes.

The X-Files put a new spin on the UFO Conspiracy Theory, while we all watched intently to find out if Muldar could prove that aliens exist. His sidekick, Skully, was the disbeliever and added flavor and suspense to the series. In the end, humans were being used for some disgusting purpose, being injected with a virus that made them all aliens. The big cover up was uncovered and the X-Files movie was rather dual in comparison to the series. But, was based on the Conspiracy Theory that our government had top-secret information on aliens and their purpose for coming to Earth.

It is a well-known fact that “Area 51” exists. So, what goes on there? This adds to the drama of the UFO Conspiracy Theory and the cover up. It keeps one guessing, waiting and watching to see when it will be in the news or the next special on the History Channel. In the scheme of our brief life here on this planet, does the UFO Conspiracy Theory actually pertain to our day-to-day existence?

One could have theories as to what is going on in our government regarding UFO’s. This could be a private Conspiracy Theory, based solely on information received via the news media and ones own imagination. If one believes that someone is covering up something of huge and significant importance that could affect hundreds of thousands of people, then it is their duty to uncover it. In this case, we are specifically talking about UFO’s or aliens. However, is it possible to prove it with relevant and reliable evidence? That is the test of a Conspiracy Theory. Does one have reliable evidence to support ones theory?

We are in a conspirator driven world, where there is wealth to be obtained and power over other countries to be obtained. So, in conclusion, if UFO’s are existent upon our earth today, the UFO Conspiracy Theory is more complex than we imagine. But, perhaps there is a Muldar and Skully out there who will eventually uncover it with conclusive and undisputable evidence.