Assessing UFO Conspiracy Theories

Deeply buried behind the fortress of solitude, hidden inside a large storehouse of file boxes, we may find much more than just a conspiracy theory. Maybe the “Truth is Out There”, and a strange collection of possibilities are gathering dust in the recesses of the hallowed halls of some carefully guarded Pentagon office.

To assess conspiracy theories, we would have to tread on the fine line of truth and fallacy, tossing away our common sense to accept the fantastic and unbelievable. The problem with conspiracy theories is just the word “conspiracy” because it evokes the realm of the impossible, staving off logic and normalcy.

The most fantastic example of a conspiracy theory would be the inner workings of the government itself. To what end would it benefit a nation to place an embargo on anything related to the existence of extraterrestrial life forms? Is it to protect us from fear of knowing that we are not alone? Does it carry a much darker agenda to hide a mass cover-up shared among many countries to hide the real truth? Fox Mulder would ask us to not be fooled by what we see, and to look deeper into the conspiracy theories, but then again, maybe it’s better to keep a cool demeanor like Skully, and your not so easily fooled.

Project Blue Book: The biggest conspiracy to date revolves around the holy grail of unknown cases. The so-called legendary book has changed its name a few times, but it is said to contain the secrets to everything about the existence of UFO’s. The book once dubbed Project Sign, established in 1947, soon after morphing into Project Grudge, and than to it’s most infamous name the “Project Blue Book. Edward J. Ruppelt laid claim to being involved with the project, during his time as a military officer in the United States Air Force. Ruppelt has been the epitome for the myth and legend of the project, having been the director of it’s conception, right up until 1953, shortly after it had changed to it’s final name; Project Blue Book. The project was apparently created to examine and investigate events and things that surrounded UFO’s and alien existence. Barely anything ever documented regarding UFO’s did not land itself in the confines of the secretive and well-guarded project.

Crop Circles: This debate is still argued today whether or not Crop Circles are the byproduct of a group of fame seeking hoodlums, or whether they were used to cover-up another darker secret. Most Crop Circle researchers who have been debunked, still lay claim today that we are being duped into believing that Crop Circles are man made. Most will admit that UFO’s are not the only possible answer to the cause, but they stay steadfast to their stance that the anomaly is not of human origin.

The stigma with conspiracy in regards to UFO’s is filled with what-ifs, and possibilities, but many actually have some merit to make us ponder the conceptualization. Sure there may not be a “Cigarette Man”, at the end of the dark conspiracy tunnel, but there could be an answer that our government feels we are not ready to become privy to. Either way, when we think about events like the famous Roswell crash, and Mantell incident of 1948, we have to have an open mind, because nothing less is just lost in the hazy fog of conspiracy!