TV Show Reviews the Elegant Universe

Who are we? Better yet, What are we?

According to string theory, we are all made of the same thing, the difference only being the music of the string, the vibration.

The has been known for a long time on some Pagan communities, and science only bolsters the belief. The long lost Graviton, the Tachion particle… Science fiction? Well, it is becoming reality.

I will admit to the fact that this theory cannot be proven yet, but only because we lack the proper means to see something so small. However, with human ingenuity, I am certain we will find a way to test the theory, and in that I do believe it will not be too far from law.

In some Pagan communities, this graviton has always been known as the “Energy of Earth Mother” a Graviton IS energy, it is the string of energy who’s vibration determines the nature of the object that houses it. Sand, Water, Air, all objects with mass are made of the same thing and have this energy contained within to tell it what to be.

Who is to say that one day we cannot tap this energy? Who is to say we haven’t already?

The Tachion according to the theory is a massless particle that can travel faster than light… Who is to say it doesn’t exist? Who is to say we cannot tap this too?

Wiccans have been tapping powers they only partially understand since the dawn of the religion. Beliefs and Ancient teachings getting in the way of logic and rational thought. Science is coming closer than ever to explaining the powers that Wiccans have been using for many years. Is this good or bad? Some Wiccans might be a little put off or even jealous of this, but all in all it will help both Wiccans and Everyone else to understand a power that could be the platform in which we use to evolve into a new form of humans.

Are we ready?

Personally, as a whole I’d say no, but there are some that are ready, and these are the ones who will tap the powers first. With any power comes responsibility.

We might use this power for a great many good things, but imagine this…

If the vibration of the string of energy determines the properties of an object, then if we were to change the vibration of the string, we could turn anything into anything else… Lead into Gold?

Nuclear waste into drinking water? Biological chemicals into a turkey dinner? Hey, laugh if you will, this could be an awesome breakthrough that could take us from the nasty, wasteful polluting humans that we are, and turn us into a species that is in harmony with its environment. If we don’t do something soon, we will destroy ourselves.

Imagine if we could harness the energy of the string? We could fuel our cars with ANYTHING. Never will there be a need for anything. Star Trek here we come, we could have our own replicator. “Computer, Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”

We are far from understanding enough to go this far, but if we do not destroy ourselves, we will reach this understanding… and sooner than you may think.

I present to you three hours of understanding.

The following site will take you to three episodes of NOVA named “the Elegant Universe” and will teach you a good bit about string theory. It will also explain Eienstein’s theory of Relativity, and also the theory Einstein hated, Quantum Physics.

* The Elegant Universe * –