Whether or not String Theory is Experimental

The average technology advancement has been worked out to indicate that it doubles every ten years. This means that every ten years we have technology that is twice as fast and twice as small as the previous ten years. Given 100 years, our technology will have grown and advanced more than 200 times! – 200 times as small, as fast, and as most importantly – as powerful!

Scientist claim that if they wanted to test string theory right now with todays technology, it would not only cost more than all the worlds treasuries put together, it would have to be a particle accelerator that’s as big as the solar system! So I don’t think that the question remains whether or not string theory is experimental, but rather – WHEN!

Let’s think about this. If it is possible to test string theory, one would not be able to test its predictions until it was possible to create and maintain such incredible powers. The realm of the string is not only so far removed from everyday imagination that it would be almost impossible for one to imagine, but the energies required to even get close to such a minuscule distance are nearly impossible. Unless of course there was another way.

Maybe it is possible to test string theory outside of the small, in fact if we could look for evidence at the other side of the spectrum, or even from an indirect means. As more and more bright young minds work on the subject, whether it turns out to be just an elegant mathematical theory, or if indeed, there is some physical process going on, we will be able to determine it’s applicability in the future when all these details have been worked out.