Book Reviews a brief History of Time from the Big Bang to the Black Holes

The theory of everyting(god theory of everything)
by desmond calhoun ()live in canton ohio d theroy of everthing.

Every o perceptive a string in space is or=a micro black hole.THis micro black holes tranport energy/partical waves through these black holes from the past to the a cycle.potienal energy goes in the the come out into the other side as kentic this process happen over and over the weaking of the energy tranfer causes the illusion of us goin to the future. constantly the negative energy in the the energy coming in and out of the universe the string in the string theory are actually micro black holes that the vibration that the detected at each point of space.god/ son of god is the light energy which travel through these micro black holes at every zero point in space.witch cause space time.the gravity is the pull of these micro black holes pulling in energy from the past to the future with make this sense of gravity im a (super genius).matter clumps together epending on the freucy of each micro black that reigon of if every point in space in a micro black hole thin when the hydron collide it will make a bigger black hole that will suck up the earth.when the particals collide it will smash micro black holes in the energy density of the micro black holes will increas linkin the micro black holes a chain reaction.making a point of imense mass that time will fall in on it self light want eveven bable to escape.but im not worried because god is the light that goes through these micro infinity black holes of space.this is space /time time slows down the faster you go nearer to the speed of light that you go. because thats how fast waves go thru the micro black hole. so the closer you go the speed of light . the slower you seem to go in are perceptive.There is no suchthing as mass only how many micro black holes are gather in that point of space so there is no exotic matter only micro black holes.if you open space you only abiger black hole. you cant contain a black hole because everything is made of micro black that why think where in a time continual loop of muti universal black holes connecting infinity of black holes.the more micro black holes gather in a area the more (so called mass a object has.when a object interact with another the amount of force that is applyed.The more interaction of the micro black hole particals . a object contains differnt frecuey of micro holes that what keeps the object together.the object interact with it on particals in a cycle of potential energy to kentic energy at faster than light.because the are teleporting through these micro at differnt speeds at high when you open a micro black hole its mass will increase at very high speeds because the amount of black holes are sharing the same spaces the collapse into each other making a super massive black if you want to destroy the world then activate the machine if you want to live keep it off.