The Future Global Warming Snow Premonition Earth what will the Weather be like in the Future

What will the weather be like in 20 years? There’s no guarantee that any specific weather will happen. However, with the way global warming is heading. I would say that there’s two general possibilities that can happen in twenty years. There will be many minor leads that will follow after the general ones. Which ever possibility come first come first, and the weather that will stay will probably be the weather twenty years from now.

The first possibility can be a great flood. The pole’s ice is melting slowly. The amount of water in the earth’s level has increased by an insignificant number. Not a lot, right? But think about it. If it melts 5% now, then it’ll melt 7% the next time. Eventually it’ll melt more and more since the ice that has not melted yet is already exposed to a certain amount of heat. 5% would be 7% then 14% then 32% then 52% and before we know it, the great flood could have befallen on us all. Towns and cities could have been flooded by water. The ice will have melted a lot by that time but global warming has not ended yet. Not by far, is it over for global warming.

Even if all the ice from the north and south pole melts, global warming will still continue. However, with the amount of heat burning into the earth, the temperature of the weather will be hot. Hot as in scorching. As time passes more (maybe a century more or less) the water will be all dried up and not a drop of water will be available for earth. Where every single place is a desert, and not a drop of water will remain for anyone and anything. The great drought can be a possibility about our future.

The second possibility will be an ice age. The temperature of ice in the north and south pole is extremely cold. Even if the ice from the pole has melt, the ocean will be the one getting colder since the percentage of ice is more than the ocean. The overall temperature of the water will be affected and the temperature will slowly decrease. Have we not saw the bizarre snow storms that was befalling the coastlines. Currents are the only thing that  can prevent snow from falling down for the coastlines. Now, that we have lower ocean temperatures, the current will be colder. in the past, currents would have carried warm air from the warm areas of the ocean unfortunately if the ocean is colder now, then the current will carry colder air with them. The world will be exposed to more cold temperatures. Eventually freezing everything over by the snow.

Like i have said in the beginning. There can only be one type of weather in the future but there will be changes. In twenty years, maybe nothing had changed much from now, although, maybe more snow has befallen on us. The sequence that i think the weather would go from now would be:

melting of ice:

there’s too much water:

the great flood:

cold temperatures:

ice age:

lower amount of water but still too much:

It’s getting warming but it’s still too very cold:

It’s warm now but the water supply is slowly running out:

There’s no more water:

The Great Drought:

The weather of the future will depend  on the rate of the ice melting speed and the rate of temperature increasing or decreasing speed. if the temperature is raising up instead and the ice melting speed is slow then scorching heat would befall us and the ice would quickly melt into water and into gas.

There’s no proof about the future but if you know what happened with mars and how everything is scorched with nothing left. The scientists said that planet could have sustained life in the past but their astrosphere was gone. Our astrosphere has holes. Can this mean something? Maybe. Is this a premonition about our own futures as living creatures? Possibly. The only thing we can do is wait and hope that luck is on our side. That our future is the possibility where we can stay alive.