The Psychology of different Colors

Experts have told us for years that colors affect people’s moods and reactions. Companies have been known to employ psychologists or sociologists to find color combinations that best fit the impression the company is trying to make. Hospitals seek their advice about colors for keeping patients calm and promoting healing. Colors have a very real and powerful affect on all aspects of our life.

It is no accident that lawyers and banks use shades of deep blue in their logos and advertising. Deep blue invokes a feeling of trust and faith while shade of light blue relate to creativity and communication with others. To much blue and we feel melancholy, negative, arrogant, self-righteous and self centered.

Love, passion and anger have long been associated with deep shades of red. Red is linked to our most primitive physical and emotional needs of survival and self-preservation. For many years, the food industry has used red to promote a feeling of hunger. The color of courage, action confidence, and too much red can cause us to become angry, overbearing, short-tempered and even violent.

Add a bit of white to it and your lovely shade of pink will lend to feelings of emotional love, friendship, affection and harmony with the environment. Pink is gentle, casual, and approachable and has both fire and air elements. What about a color that imparts the sense of royalty, knowledge and dignity? Indigo in the right proportions and do this but too much and our ego gets the better of us as we begin to feel better than the “common” folk.

A balance of orange in a person’s life and they become out going, busy, cheerful and creative. Accepted as the color of joy and enthusiasm too much of it can make us self-centered and self-serving. Use orange in your life to help recover from disappointments, wounded heart or wounded pride.

Add yellow into your design to promote feelings of optimism, joy and creativity. Having stood as a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and happiness, yellow is a friendly, expressive and curious color. Feeling a bit critical or demanding, maybe you are having trouble focusing on tasks. My guess is you added too much yellow.

Green brings balance, growth and harmony to our lives. As the color of nature, it also brings feelings of hope, optimism and freedom. Also carrying a meaning of learning and renewal, green brings peace and healing into our homes. Do not overdo it though, to much green will make you lazy and slow, it can take you to the brink of depression.

Stability, sophistication, consideration and Earth bring to mind a deep rich shade of brown. Adding brown to a room makes you feel cozy, safe, warm and relaxed. Nurturing and stable, shades of brown lend an orderly, grounding quality to the most chaotic of environments.

Every color in the universe speaks to us in its own language; all we have to do is be open to what they say to us, what they make us feel. After that, the process of picking your colors is a downhill ride straight to your nearest paint department. However, do not forget to add a few complementing accessories to your shopping cart. Done right and you have a new feel for your home for under $200.