The Psychology of different Colors

Color, something we tend not to think much about. Yet, it surrounds us, and we all have a favorite. Lavender is mine and it also accurately describes who I am. I have surrounded my environment with different shades of lavender and burn oils of lavender in my home. The reason? Lavender is a color that releases the most serotonin in the brain, therefore assists people who suffer from depression. It has relaxing properties. When surrounded by this color the mind can relax and have time to replenish energy levels. The color purple of all shades have been associated with royalty, also with the magical arts. The two primary colors that make purple are red and blue. Mixed in different concentrations gives lighter or darker shades of purple.

The color red has many representations. Look at how the red-headed person has been viewed. Fiery, ill-tempered, and strong willed. ( I am a red-head so I am familiar with all of the cliches) The color red does stir the aggressive side of people. As a person who crochets, when working with red yarns I find that my patience level tends sink quickly and frustration sets in. In nature red is used sparingly. The bird that catches the eye is the red Cardinal. He stands out against the blue of the sky and the green of the trees.

Blue has to be the most versatile color of all. The skies and the oceans are painted with a variety of shades of blue. A feeling of serenity cascades over a person who is gazing at the skies or the oceans. It is a non-confrontational color, and has compatibility with most other colors. It could be said that blue represents peace and wisdom.

Yellow, one of the three primary colors radiates warmth and happiness. The feeling you get from basking beneath the sun. Yellow provides lightness to the secondary and tertiary colors. The mixture of yellow with blue produces green, and yellow with red produces orange. Yellow increases confidence, and creativity. I painted my kitchen a sunny yellow mainly to brighten the atmosphere. Cooking is not my favorite activity, yet I now tend to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen.

If colors were not intended to affect us, the world would be in black and white.