Colors Symbolism and Psychological Effects

When you think of colors, what comes to mind when I say the color blue? How about red or yellow or black? Most people, would say:

BLUE: sadnes
RED: anger
YELLOW: happy/cheery
BLACK: death

Are these descriptions of colors really true? Or are they just created in our mind because every day life has portrayed them as such? Many people, when asked what their favorite color is, say ‘blue’. Does that mean that all those people are sad most or all of the time? If your favorite color is red, does that mean that you are an angry person? No it does not. My favorite color is red and I think of myself as a happy, spontaneous, average girl. Of course, I have my moments when I am angry, but I am rarely that.

There are “psychological tests” that can be taken that will give you a color according to your answers. How does answering questions about my work life, love life, social life, etc label me as a color? In my sociology class in high school, we did just this. The test had four different colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue and each one, obviously, had its own meaning. The majority of the class had blue, while only two had orange and a number around 5 had green and yellow. Our teacher felt this test was “a better way to understand who we were as a person” and I found this rediculous. Why should a little test that depicted us as a color tell who we are? I was a green which was described as very meticulous and organized, good with money and independent (in a nut shell). Later, after reviewing my questions, I had skipped one and answering it changed me from green to orange; orange was a spontaneous, open minded, yet fairly organized and independent person. How could answering one question label me as much an opposite of before? I really do not think that colors can affect us. Whether you are looking at a color or are described as a color, it cannot affect your mood or who you are as a person; only you can do that. I do not see a difference between looking at blue and yellow and seeing which makes me happier.

Likewise, how about for those color blind folk (like myself)? Does us seeing one color really mean that? Or does it mean the color we think we see? What you see as blue, I might see as green. According to pyschologists, those two colors mean totally different things. So I ask you, how can a color depiect who you are, they way you act, and what you will become? I think it is just a way to sterotype people without litterally doing so. A color is just a color; like it for what it looks like on the walls of your bedroom or in your kitchen or on your car and not of what mood it could possibly make you feel.