The Psychology of different Colors

Just as sound waves are produced on different frequencies, colors represent different frequencies of light and as such will affect different energies of the body. A transition from balance to imbalance in the vibrational energies of the body can cause disruption in emotional, mental and physical conditions. One of the most effective vibrational remedies is the use of color in our lives because of the vibrational energies they provide.

In addition, color is an objective way of measuring ones mental and physical state. Research at American and European Universities has shown that with the Clinical Luscher Color Test, an exact profile of the total person can be drawn. Luscher used the client’s choices of color as a means of assessing one’s personality. His findings proposed that the language of colors paints a picture of experiences and feelings.

Deepak Chopra says that anytime we react to anything, there is immediately a response of either pleasure or pain within our bodies. What does this have to do with color? Have you ever noticed the same feeling you get from a certain shade of red is not the same feeling you experience when you look at a deep blue. Feelings are the key to what our body is experiencing.

Homeostasis is the balance of body, mind and spirit. It is a natural human state which can occur spontaneously during positive emotional experiences. In a study presented at the Eleventh International Congress on Stress it was found that by reframing a negative thought with a positive one, it is easier to sustain the positive emotional state and mode for longer periods, even during work and other activities. When one consciously chooses to evoke positive emotion, the body is nourished at every level. Like quantum nutrients positive emotions keep our cells generating and life begins to respond to a new energy, thus creating mental, emotional and physical well being. Surrounding ourselves with colors that uplift our moods makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude. Try it. The next time you’re feeling stress related symptoms add a dash of color to your surroundings. Discover for yourself whether or not colors are a valuable tool to enhance your life.