The Psychology of different Colors

Color can be many things to many people. There are as many people with their different thoughts on color, as there are colors.

Have you ever visited someone’s home, and immediately upon arriving, noticed how warm and comfortable it felt? Perhaps in another place you arrived, and felt tense, uncomfortable, and really didn’t enjoy being there, or couldn’t wait to leave? Color could have provided or contributed to those feelings.

A good example of color affecting the way we think. Have you ever been faced with food tinted a drastically different color, than you are use to seeing? This can be fun for children; but doesn’t the blue ketchup or green eggs turn your feeling toward the food in a different direction? Even though the food still taste the same; it doesn’t appear that it will.

Color is an easy tool that can make or break a design job. With the vast number of ‘do it yourself’ design shows; it’s given a sense of security, that allows the homeowners to take on projects in their home. This can be fun for those creative people that enjoy doing the project themselves.

Take your time to decide what your space needs to be; what the feel of the room needs to reflect. Look around your space, is it open to other rooms? What furniture or accessories are staying in the room? These are important factors to consider, before finalizing your paint color.

Yes, it’s fun to create beautiful rooms; but you can’t go in without doing some preparing, and a bit of research. If you find that you keep working, buying, and re-working on your room and it still doesn’t seem to be right; perhaps your paint isn’t the correct complimenting color.

It isn’t all painting,fun,and buying furniture; it takes some homework, before starting the project. If you are unsure or have made the above mistakes; you probably should hire a designer. There are all kinds of services available to you; including using the designers’ assistance, in choices to help you save money and stress. Then you will be armed with the knowledge and confidence, that your room will turn out the way you had wanted it to.

You CAN do it yourself, and it CAN be fun; preparation is the key. Just spending a little money for your Interior Designers’ help, can save you money from mistakes.