The Existence of Rods in Zoology

Rods are recently discovered “creatures” that are said to zip through the air so fast that they appear to the naked eye only as brief flashes of light.
Their existence was first revealed by a Crypto Zoologist who studied the flashes on slow-motion film (digital camera). He found that they had thin, rod-like bodies, with transparent wings along either side which they undulated to propel themselves through the air – somewhat akin to the movement of Rays and Cuttlefish through water.
These mysterious Rods vary in length, from a couple of centimeters to as much a meter long, and can apparently be found (by filming) in any part of the Earth.
However, as soon as the Zoologist had published his findings he faced a barrage of criticisms from scientists, skeptics and debunker’s alike.
Most instructed that these Rods were purely common insects causing time-lapse lighting anomalies and was associated with a camera’s inability to capture something that is moving faster than its own frame speeds.
There have also been controlled experiments to see if Rods could be trapped using nets. Rods were filmed entering the nets, but upon examination only common insects were actually found, which seemed to cement the theory about fast flying bees, moths and flies.
Perhaps this is where one should beg to differ.
I personally took an interest in this phenomenon and carried out two similar experiments in my own garden. One was at night and the other was during daylight. It was an enormous task, but both produced similar results.
I trained my camera on one particular bush (using a variety of background light selections) and periodically shook it to disturb the insects (and any other life forms). After reviewing the tapes in slow motion, along with freeze-framing, I found several images of what looked like Rods.
A lot of these, however, turned out to be normal insects, but there were a few that just could not be matched. These ones traveled in straight lines across the view finder and did not appear from the swarm of insects at all. These images were perfect, with no blurring, fuzziness, or distortions. A wonder to look at.
I sprayed some netting with dinitrol (a sticky protective film) and set it up near the bush, then spent almost an hour filming insects flying in to it, where they got stuck. When I watched the tape, I saw more of these strange Rods which seemed to fly in to the netting also.
After rushing to inspect the trapped creatures, I found only the usual insects. I was a little disappointed, so to satisfy myself I took a closer look at the video and that’s when I discovered that the rod-like images were actually passing right through the netting!
Perhaps the reason that these little treats haven’t been captured yet is because material things can’t stop them.
What if they really are an undiscovered life form?