Christmas 2009 Science and Discovery Gift Ideas for Tweens

A science gift can be an amusing and educational gift for your tween during the 2009 Christmas season. There are many choices that you have in this, and they range in price and area of interest. The following are some ideas for science and discovery related gifts for tweens.

Science Kit – There are a wide variety of science kits suitable for tweens. These will teach tweens about the principles of science at the same time that it fascinates them and provides enjoyment. You can find chemistry kits with fun ideas like making their own soda or seeing how chemicals interact. There are kits that deal with biology and animals. There are kits for almost every area of science that many children would find entertaining. You can find these at all sorts of stores, including general stores such as Target. You can also search for something specific on the Internet.

A nice experience gift you can give a tween might be a membership or a visit to your local science museum. There are many wonderful science museums around the country such as the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. These museums have much to teach and can provide hands-on experiences that your tween will remember. You will want to make sure that the parent (if it’s not you) is okay with such a gift and that the tween will have someone to go with.

There are many videos on science, and this might make a nice gift for your tween. You can find videos on all areas of science, including chemistry, astronomy and botany. Make sure that you get a video that is age-appropriate for your tween. Also, make sure that it is something that will interest your tween and that they will actually watch. If you purchase on somewhere like Amazon, you will find reviews, which may help you choose a good video.

A microscope set can be another nice gift for a tween. They can feel like scientists as they explore the microscopic world. Microscopes come in many sets aimed at this age group. They differ in price and complexity. Some come with ready made slides so that your tween can start their explorations right away.

A science or discovery related gift can make a wonderful present for the 2009 Christmas season. The preceding are just a few ideas for items that your tween might find interesting.