Christmas 2010 Science and Discovery Gift Ideas for Children

It is great to get a gift for children that is not only fun but educational as well.  If you are looking for such as gift for the 2010 Christmas season, you will have many choices.


Many children love to look at the stars.  A great Christmas gift might be a telescope.  You will find many versions of these suitable for children of different ages.  Some are made for older kids such as teenagers, and may allow them to see planets, stars, comets and other astronomical bodies. 

There are other gifts that are related to astronomy.  For instance, they have globes that show the constellations and devices that project them onto the sky just like a tiny planetarium. 


A child might enjoy a microscope to explore the miniature world all around them.  They sell kits that come with a device as well as different slides that are already prepared.

Experiment kit

A child might enjoy a kit that comes with a lot of different experiments.  They have some that have electrical experiments, some chemistry kits and others.

Crystal growing kit

A child might wonder at the crystals they can grow in a kit designed for such. 


A child might like a geode.  You can buy one that is still intact and break it to find the crystals inside.  These range in price and may be found at a museum shop and on the Internet. 


Of course there are many wonderful books and DVDS that are related to science.  You can get them a book on chemistry, astronomy, biology, physics and more.  Look for one that is appropriate for the age of the children.  You will also find a lot of DVDS that are related to science and discovery.  For instance, they make DVDS of many of the IMAX movies that come out, which a lot of kids might find interesting.

Science apparel

There are many clothing items that are related to science.  A shirt may have the periodic table on it, for instance. 

Gift of experience. 

There are many great 2010 Christmas gifts that involve the children doing something.  You can get them a day or year pass to a museum such as the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery.  You could send them on a vacation to somewhere like Spacecamp in Huntsville, Alabama or the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. There are many other museums around the country that are related to science and discovery. 

A gift related to science and discovery might be just perfect for the 2010 Christmas season.  The above ideas may work for you.