Christmas 2010 Astronomy Gift Ideas for Children

Many children love astronomy.  A gift with this theme might be perfect for Christmas of 2010, and one of the following may be right for you.


You will find a lot of clothing that is related to astronomy.  They have clothing with beautiful scenes of the stars and the Earth.  They make a lot of these as t-shirts, but they have other clothing items as well such as dresses and hats.


A child who likes astronomy might love a telescope for Christmas.  You will find many different versions of this item.  They range in size, scope, power, features and of course price.  You can think about how much your budget is and how you want it to grow with them.  There are many accessories that you can purchase for the nicer ones. 

Astronomy related artwork

You will find many pictures that children can hang on their walls that are related to astronomy.  They come in all different sizes from tiny postcard sized pictures of stars to poster prints of the Earth.  You can get them framed for an added touch.  You can even get an actual painting of the stars.

Experience related astronomy gift

There are different gifts of experience that a child who likes astronomy might like.  For instance, you could take him or her to a science museum like the Museum of Science and Discovery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, which has exhibits that are related to astronomy.  You can take him or her to a planetarium.  Also, you will find an IMAX theater that has movies about space.  You can even do something large and send them on a multi-day adventure to Spacecamp.  As their Christmas gift, the whole family can visit a space center such as the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Astronomy-related book

Many kids might enjoy reading a book about astronomy.  They have big picture books that show brilliant and vibrant pictures of the stars.  Some of them have quite a bit of information about astronomy.

Science or astronomy related magazine

There are a variety of magazines that have astronomy as a subject within them.  This can be a good gift that they get again and again.

Astronomy-related calendar

They may like a calendar that has pictures of the stars, planets and other astronomical features for the upcoming 2011 year.

Astronomy-related DVD

There are fictional DVDS in which astronomy is an element such as Star Wars and Star Trek.  There are also many non-fiction ones that the child might find interesting.

There are a lot of great gifts for children that are into astronomy.  The above are just a few to consider for Christmas of 2010.