Christmas 2010 Science and Discovery Gift Ideas for Adults

Just because you are an adult does not mean that  mean that you might not like a science and discovery gift for Christmas of 2010.  There are many great gifts for someone who has such a love, including the following ideas.


There are many pieces of artwork that are related to science.  For instance, someone who likes astronomy might enjoy a beautiful piece of artwork of the stars.  They have pieces related to all sorts of fields of science.

Science related apparel

This might be great for a science teacher.  They have shirts, ties and other clothing items that have scientific themes such as the periodic table.


An adult might enjoy leaning about science in one of the many books out there.  The books on science and discovery range on all of the different subject matters from botany to biology to physics to chemistry to astronomy and more.  You can get a book on a subject that you know that he or she likes.  Some of these are more for the layperson while others are more technical.  He or she might also enjoy a biography of a particular scientist. 

Magazine subscription

Someone who likes science and discovery might like a magazine subscription for Christmas.  For instance, Popular Science is a very common love for those who enjoy science.  There are some magazines that revolve around a specific subject such as astronomy.


An adult who loves science might love a telescope.  You will have a wide range of choices in these, and the price can be under $100 or up into the many thousands of dollars.  If you will be spending a lot, then you might want to talk with them to see if they want a particular machine.

Gift of experience

An adult may like some sort of gift that is something that he or she could do.  There are many different science museums throughout the country, for instance, and you can get him or her a pass to one of those.  They even have a program for adults at Spacecamp in Huntsville, Alabama.  You can do something that is much more low key such as taking him or her to a science IMAX film. 


There are both fiction and nonfiction programs with science as the subject matter.  Someone like likes science might enjoy something that is science fiction such as the DVD series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

There are many great Christmas presents for an adult who likes science and discover.  The above ideas may work for you in 2010.