The Bp Oil Spill and its Relation to the Possibility of a 2012 Cataclysm

The 2012 year is one that holds an endless array of theory and speculation, but none of it yet has substance or meaning beyond anything other than another “Doomsday Theory” based on past documents and writings that cannot viably foresee any such occurrences. However, a recent theory by Patrick Geryl, an author, states an uncanny resemblance between the BP Oil Spill and the concept of a 2012 global disaster. An interesting and rather intriguing quote written on page 51 of his book by Geryn himself, “How To Survive 2012”, states “5. All the drilling installations in the world’s oil fields will be torn apart. The wells will either leak into the surrounding areas, or the earthquakes will cover the holes. It is certain that it will be impossible to revive the installation works. They will be lost forever.” What is the true meaning of this quote in relation to the BP Oil Spill and the potential 2012 end of days?

Of course, there is an endless amount of speculation in regards to the quote. Patrick Geryl is an author, and much like many other books and theories in regards to the subject of the 2012 cataclysm, there can truly be no evidence to support his theories. This basically means that while there is an uncanny resemblance to his quote from his book to that of the BP Oil Disaster, without sustainable facts or figures to look back and refer to in regards to his theory being related to 2012, it can be looked at only as a mere coincidence. However, when you consider such an uncanny resemblance, you have to ask the question; what if?

The author claims to have analyzed countless scientific facts and theories in regards to a pole shift that would cause the 2012 cataclysm as well as analyzing signs from such things as ancient Egypt and old texts, but again, the aspect of business comes into play. There have been countless authors rising and making a living out of scaring humanity with their own predictions of the 2012 cataclysm simply because it is a market that people will delve into and read. It is just that however, a market, and therefore, authors will continue to release their works and profit from something that will always have a great market, the possibilities of a coming apocalypse or doomsday.

Whether or whether not the 2012 cataclysm occurs or not is something that can only be determined in 2012, not by authors or speculation, but it is a beautiful and intriguing subject that deserves analyzing and exploring and Patrick Geryn, despite his controversial nature, is one of the authors that does so with such precise and imaginative theories that it is often difficult to determine the fact from the fiction in regards to 2012. Of course, when it comes to relating the BP Oil Disaster to the 2012 cataclysm, it is always important to remember that upon the occurrence of a natural disaster on a widespread scale of severity of the BP Oil Disaster, doomsday theories will always crop up, even more so with the 2012 theory already scaring the world’s population into theory, fear and scepticism alike.