Nibiru Sumer Sumerian History Planet Planet x 2012 Doomsday Mayan

People and the media have been obsessed with doomsday events as of late, mostly because of the year 2012 supposedly being the object of past civilizations’ theories. Oddly enough, the 2012 doomsday theory has been entirely made up and commercialized by misled ‘historians’. The only thing the year 2012 represents in the Mayan Long Count calendar is the end of that 5,125 yearlong cycle. (Wikipedia link)

The Mayans simply never foretold of any cataclysm or of the Earth’s doom in any way shape or form. If you were to ask a Mayan today if the year has any significance to their culture or history they would most likely laugh at you or simply reply “No, that’s only in the movies” and they would be right.

What does the 2012 “Mayan” doomsday have to do with Nibiru? First we need a history lesson in the Sumerian civilization and some of their mythology. Sumer was, for all intended purposes, the first civilization reaching as far back as 5300 BCE (Before Common Error, the new term many scientific minds use). Sumerian society was very focused on the descent of their gods from the heavens, and actually believed several of our currently known celestial neighbors were those gods. This is important to note, as no one in Sumer could possibly know of any planets in existence, yet they did indeed assign several planets as the representation of their gods. For instance, Inanna, or Lahamu the goddess of love and sexuality was assigned the star that was in actuality Venus.  Anu, the god of the sky and heavens was represented by Jupiter, which Sitchin, in his book “There were Giants Upon the Earth” falsely attributes to Uranus, ignoring the fact it is not visible to the naked eye. At the end of this article I will list the Sumerian gods and their designated planets, but you get the point.

Back to Nibiru, supposedly a planet located in the area the constellation of Libra. Nibiru is associated with the late god-king Marduk, and supposedly has thousands of years to orbit around our sun. This means that Nibiru would have to leave our solar system and then re-enter after millenniums. The odd thing about this is the Sumerian religion does indeed explain a galactic battle of the planets, which they thought of as gods, that coincides with what modern astronomers believe had formed our moon. This is the only slice of evidence that would show perhaps an object (Sumerians would call Nibiru) did exist at one point.

Let me explain. Eons ago when the Earth was young and still forming our solar system was filled with proto-planets, dwarf planets, and other planet sized objects jockeying for space in an intricate dance around the sun (Sumerians believed it was the god Utu or Apsu). If you think our solar system is filled now, it was exponentially more compacted with celestial objects. At this time these massive bodies were colliding and smashing into one another. How the Sumerians deduced this I am unsure, but it is quite clear they believed this to be a time of war amongst their gods.

What Sumer called Nibiru was one of these planetoids in a bizarre orbit between Earth, the Sun, and any number of other celestial bodies, and consequently slammed into Earth. The object, I’ll refer to it, as Nibiru since that’s only a name for this planetoid, was so large it shattered Earth ejecting a mass amount of rocks and other materials into space. This is again where orbit comes into effect, as Earth was still large enough to maintain an orbit (though greatly reduced in size), all this ejected material remained in Earth’s gravitational pull. After eons and eons, all this stone, minerals, and dust began to clump together and eventually form our moon.

This object that struck Earth still remains unknown, but the Sumerians call it Nibiru. There is much more to Sumer and Sitchin’s silly theories, which include paleo-contact and aliens coming to Earth in modern day rocket ships. Alas that article will come soon as I am currently pulling together that information.

As always keep your eyes to the sky, and hope Nibiru doesn’t hit us!