Predictions what can we Expect from Science in 2012

Some people are very frightened about the year 2012. Theories haunt the internet and the usual conspiracy theorists quote Nostradamus, the Mayans, the Bible and other ‘sources in their attempt to peddle these theories. Cutting through these apparent predictions is quite difficult but the American National Aeronautics and Space agency (NASA) has issued some real scientific predictions for 2012.

There will be no earth collision with Niburu because Niburu does not exist. Astronomers have never found such a planet. Conspiracy theorists hi jacked a claim made in an obscure science fiction novel. The planet is invisible because it does not exist. The internet means that no government can hide anything, just look at those governments, which are trying to hide information from their people and what is happening in their countries, let alone anything as big as a planet. Millions of scientists, academics, and amateurs, looking through their home telescopes, all over the world would be tracking a new planet. The internet would be buzzing with their observations.    

A solar flare will not toast the world on the winter solstice 21 December 2012, nor will the non-existent planet Niburu collide with Earth, this is all part of a clever marketing campaign for a film, which trades n people’s fears. It is not surprising, in these uncertain economic times, that people are frightened of the future, and it is very easy for clever marketers to manipulate people’s fears to their own profit and this is what the film’s viral marketing campaign has done very successfully. They have cobbled together stories from several fables to publicize the film, for more information go to Dr David Morrison’s (Director of NASA Lunar Science) question and answer page.

In any case, the conspirators misunderstood and miscalculated the Mayan Calendar. The end of this cycle will actually be on December 24 and all that will happen is that the complicated Mayan Calendar will click over to a row of zeroes, signifying the end of one cycle and the Mayans believe that it is a time for celebration and joy since it is hugely lucky time. Mayan cycles are like long years, this cycle has lasted 384 years, and Mayans celebrate it just as we celebrate New Year’s Eve.

There is no reason to expect a change in Earth’s magnetic field in 2012. Magnetic polarity does not affect the Earth’s rotation, and the Earth will still spin in the same direction in 2012.the Poles will not alter their magnetic polarity. There is no relation between any of this and the galactic equator and there will be no planetary alignments, massive solar flares or anything else on conspiracy websites. Despite anything that you may find, on web sites, Sony Pictures is publicizing a film and to this end has planted fake web sites purporting to be scientific sites. It has all been done before remember the publicity campaign for The Blair Witch Project?

Science will go on in 2012 working on the same projects; NASA is working on a project to make Star Trek’s tractor beams a reality. Naas will build on the knowledge that NASA scientists have gained from the Space shuttle and International Space station missions. Experiments with the Hadron Collider will continue and scientists will realize more about Earth’s beginning. More genomes will be unraveled and scientists will make many advances in all areas of science and technology.

Life, in 2012, will continue much as it always does and the doomsday claims are false, so are those web sites that sound official featuring unknown departments. The Institute of Human Continuity is a fictional organization, part of a publicity campaign for the film 2012. A film is a fiction, a story; it is not real, no matter what the conspiracy theorists say. Information from trusted sites, such as National Geographic and NASA, is always far better than ‘information’ on random sites, which may be hoax sites, cobbled together by those who enjoy frightening people, written by the easily influenced or just plain deluded. When scientists use the word theory, their word usage is specific, and they have evidence for their theory, which other scientists check. When ordinary people use the word theory they usually mean a guess. A scientific theory and a guess are two completely different things. Debunking the 2012 myths is easy.