Decdember 12 2012 the End of the World the End of Mayan Calendar Mayan Astronomy

Mayan calendar ends on December 12, 2012. It is scary and, surprisingly, intriguing to think that the end of their calendar signifies the end of the world. It is easy to fall for this dangerous concept, to imagine the end of the world, and to live engulfed in adrenaline rush or even hopelessness. If anything, people can rethink how they live, what is most important in their lives, or figure out how to stay safe in a face of such global disaster.
Meanwhile, lets clarify that scientists do mention that the end of Mayan calendar was misinterpreted as the end of the world. The calendar ends, yes, but time, world and people do continue.
The yearly calendars people use guide them through the seasons, changes in weather, help them with planting crops, etc. Come December 31 and the calendar ends. People cannot use this calendar for the next year, because days and dates will be lined up a bit differently, due to the tiny shift in planetary locations in relation to each other. Perhaps, this particular calendar can be used again, but after six years, eleven , or twelve, or twenty five, depending what year it is. Thus, the calendar ends, but time, world, and life continue.
Mayan sacred calendar is set up in a way that it includes not only yearly changes, it monitors hundreds of years, millenniums, Zodiacal periods of about 3200 years, and also the complete circle that our entire Solar system completes inside our Milky Way Galaxy in a matter of approximately 28000 years. December 12, 2012 signifies the end of this giant cosmic circle. This is fascinating. The end of this cycle can bring on many good changes, not necessarily bad.
The existing calendar ends to give place to a new one! Does new calendar of such monumental proportions exist? No. Why not? Because Mayan calendar is so far the greatest human astronomical achievement.
To see how things will work for our planets, new calendar has to be created. Does December 13, 2012 appear mysterious to people? Yes, because it’s all up to the movement of the planets, and people have little say in it. They can, though, observe, pay attention, stay on a safe side, calculate, predict, and hope for the best. Not knowing what awaits does not automatically mean that something horrible is in the cards.
I believe, the change is inevitable, one of them being the change in fortunes.
Thanks to Mayan calendar, people can prepare physically and psychologically for whatever comes along after December 12, 2012. What comes for sure is a new era, era of Aquarius.