How December 21 2012 could Change the Earth

2012 – The end of the world as we now know it. Or this is what some have rumored, predicted and/or believe. More than one ancient civilization had experienced upheaval during their time. The prediction from these civilizations all agree that the next devastating disorder on earth will occur December 21, 2012.

Whether you believe in these predictions or feel they are nothing more than hocus pocus, one cannot deny the changes being experienced here on earth today. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, erupting volcanoes, and floods – these are not disruptions created by the hands of man but are natural disasters that are striking at every corner of the world. Could these acts of Mother Nature be the signs of the prophecies of those who lived thousands of years before us?

In modern times, it has become much easier to blame the changes seen on earth on humans. Pollution and the theory of “global warming” seem like much more logical explanations than to believe in ancient people with no scientific degree. However, even the scientists of the 21st century cannot agree on why there are so many changes occurring. And let’s not forget the politics of these theories.

If we believe that global warming does exist, it opens the door to the support of finding “greener” ways to live – from the cars we drive to the clothes we buy. Also consider the thought of science supporting the 2012 predictions. Without a doubt, mass hysteria around the globe would surely ensue.

Those who support the CO2 and pollution theory do not want to hear that global warming doesn’t exist. Even though it has been proven that their “science” behind global warming has been exaggerated perhaps for a greater agenda.

To the global warming supporters, there is no other logical explanation to the earth’s changes and disturbances other than the pollution that humans create each and every day. Although those who support a greener way of living have the best of intentions and they are logical explanations, this doesn’t mean that these theories are correct.

Author Patrick Geryl (How to Survive 2012), makes an excellent case against the global warming theory. Other planets like Mars are also warming – are we to blame for that as well? Last time I looked, I didn’t see any gas-guzzling Hummers roaming the craters of Mars. Climate change is nothing new to earth – it has happened before but it’s much easier to say we can fix it by driving hybrid cars rather than learn from the past.

The planets, including earth, go through cycles. The people who support the 2012 theory believe that many are overlooking the key to the earth’s changes – the sun. That magnificent bright light that ancient civilizations may have understood much more deeply than our modern-day scientists could hold all of the answers that we are searching for.

Where the 2012 theory could be somewhat off is the extremity of what will happen. In simple terms, what is believed what could happen is that a solar flare will hit the earth. Wherever this flare hits will suffer the most damage but the damage could affect the entire world. No electricity, no clean water, no food, no money.

We have seen the results of small natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Did I just say Katrina was small? Compared to a solar flare, yes, Katrina is nothing. When someone does not have the necessities to live, they may resort to looting, stealing, and even killing their fellow human beings.

Historians who have studied ancient calendars (some dating back over 18,000 years) have concluded that these calendars all point to December 21, 2012. These links between ancient calendars connect with the earth’s magnetic fields. As the earth’s magnetic fields weaken (as they continue to do), the earth becomes more vulnerable to outside influences. But what affect the flip of magnetic fields will have on the earth and those who live on it is still debated.

But one man, Patrick Geryl, states he has broke the code and he discusses his theory in his book. Using the Mayan calendar, he feels he has broken the code on when the earth’s axis will tilt or we will experience a pole shift. He also uses other ancient text like the Egyptian Book of the Dead which was translated many years ago.

The connection between the Mayans and Egyptians, according to Geryl, lead to the conclusion that the earth will flip upside down when it is hit by a possible solar flare which means the earth will then be turning the opposite direction. This will cause a massive wave and he says, the only way to survive such a catastrophe would either be on a very high mountain or in an unsinkable boat.

So who is correct? The scientists of the 21st century, the environmentalists, or the great ancient civilizations who many believe told us our time on earth was limited? The greatest part of living is being able to theorize within your own brain. To take everything you know and learn and see and draw your own conclusion. In one aspect, all of these people are correct – we have a serious problem and it is not going to get better.

Like with everything historical, knowledge is power. And those who know the truth are not going to tell you or me. It’s up to us to take everything we can learn and draw our own conclusion about the year 2012.