Signs that Spring has Arrived

Towards the end of winter, most people begin to anxiously await spring’s arrival. We are tired of the damp, cold weather and ready to feel some sunshine on our faces and see the earth’s rebirthing process starting again. The following are the top ten signs to let you know that the warmth and beauty of spring has finally arrived in your part of the world.

1-You see those first spring flowers beginning to pop up and show themselves. This is one of the most beautiful parts of spring. The flowers are finally getting the sun that they need to come back to life, so those colorful blooms will begin to come up from the ground once again.

2-The birds are back at their feeders and beginning to build their nests once again. You will hear their sweet songs in the mornings and see them flying about when springtime has arrived.

3-You will begin to hear the sounds of lawnmowers throughout your neighborhood. People are more than ready to smell that freshly cut grass and get their yards back into great shape. When those sunny days start coming, the lawnmowers start running.

4-Fitness hits the streets when spring arrives. You will begin to see all of those walkers, joggers, and runners out getting their exercise. They’ve left the indoor fitness behind, opting for the fresh air and sunshine instead.

5-You begin to see all the dusty areas in your home and feel the urge to get that spring cleaning going. When you look at those windows in the glare of the sun, you see that they need a good cleaning. When you walk into your home from the fresh spring air, you know that things have gotten musty. It’s time to gather your supplies and your elbow grease and dig in for that annual deep clean.

6-Your perspective when you look in the mirror changes. What looked fine all winter is now looking a little bit different because you are imagining it all in the summer clothes that will be coming out soon and not covering quite so much. You begin to think of implementing that diet and exercise regimen a little more seriously than you have in prior months.

7-The fields at the farms you pass along the roadways have babies and crops filling them, rather than mud. This is one of the very special parts of the spring season, all of the new life you get to see and enjoy.

8-Festivals and fairs begin in the spring season. Spring is definitely the time for these local gatherings of fun, food, and fellowship. There are carnivals, farmer’s markets, floral festivals, home shows, and many other things to do once spring arrives.

9-Springtime is the season when Easter occurs. You will begin to see the stores filling their shelves with all of the chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps, baskets, and stuffed animals that children anxiously await.

10-You feel a “spring” in your step and your heart feels lighter. There is no real explanation for this phenomenon, but it happens and when it does, you will notice that spring has finally come to your region.

Spring is the favorite season of many people and for good reason.  It is a beautiful time of the year and a welcome relief from the long months of winter.  The aforementioned signs are some of the best ones to look for as you wait for the wonder of spring to come to your part of the world.