Planning for a Disaster

Number One Must Have Item for a Natural Disaster

Whether your region is prone to any type of natural disaster, or not, every home or apartment should have is a natural disaster kit. This kit can be easily organized and filled with items specifically needed by you and your immediate family in case of an emergency.

Start with a large seal-able plastic container, one large enough for all of your emergency needs. Your kit should be easily stored in the basement or a closet, for quick access. Use water and bug proof bags or baggies for the contents, to ensure quality during long term storage. Regularly go through your kit and replace or remove any contents that are out of date or items you may no longer need for impending emergencies. The most obvious contents should be small individual portions of food and water, enough for three days for each person.

Other larger containers of water and non-perishable foods can be stored separately. To completely stock your kit, judge what you and your family’s needs may be for safety and comfort, for a short amount of time. It is highly recommended to include a top quality first aide kit, a bottle of pain relievers, and any other medications required.

 A change of clothes for each member of the family and a light but warm jacket and/or blanket should be planned for as well. Emergency radio, flashlights, glow sticks, batteries, candles, lighters (matches), anti-bacterial wipes, extra pairs of contacts/glasses, a small general camp styled cook set and washable utensils are all highly suggested items to have in your kit. Personal items could also include a deck of cards or other small items that can be used to pass the time, while waiting for help. If you have small children, little toys and stuffed animals could make waiting out disasters more tolerable.

Don’t forget our other children, or pets, survival for a pet is far less than that of a human due to value of life. If you have a loved one that is four-legged, pre-plan for them as well. Water, food and even medicine are all essential for the survival of your pest as well. Common sense items should be in your natural disaster kit, simply think safety and comfort. Think about that the small things you could not be able to survive without, in case of an emergency. In your planning simply use the three day rule, living for three days minimum with no outside help. If you have the room or space a week would be even better. Plan and make your kit now, before it’s too late.