Preparing for a Flood Disaster Kit Prepare for a Natural Disaster Emergency Kit

Preparing for a disaster is one of those things people always say they will do, but never get around to.  Unfortunately disasters do happen and while they aren’t something you can plan for, you can prepare for them.  If you are like most people, you believe a flood will never happen to you, but whether you live in a flood plain or not, you can be victim to a flood.  Here are some basic emergency supplies you should have in case of a flood.

Clean water – You should have a three day supply of water, which is a minimum of one gallon of water per person, per day.

Non perishable food items – This includes canned goods, with the easy pull lids, crackers and granola bars, peanut butter, and dried fruits are a good example of non perishable foods, but keep in mind these items need to be ready to eat or easy to prepare.  In the case of a flood, you could be without power or gas leaving you without a stove or microwave to cook with.

Flashlight with batteries – Always have a flashlight with extra batteries in case you lose power. Candles and matches – A supply of candles is good to have for any type of disaster, but remember to use them safely.

Cell phone with charger – It is not uncommon to find that when you need your cell phone most, the battery is not fully charged or is even dead.  Replace cell phone batteries that will not hold a charge and keep your phone charged in case of a disaster.

Waterproof bags – Keep a supply of baggies or waterproof bags to protect important items such as cell phones, wallets, identification, and medications.  Plastic tote – A plastic tote works good to transport your safety items.  When packed properly without too much weight, a plastic tote will float, making it easier to transport important items. 

Identification – Keep your important documents in a safe, easy to transport container and don’t forget to insure it is waterproof. 

Medication – In case of a flood, do not forget important medications.  Even those that you only need to take when in distress.  Floods and natural disasters cause a great deal of stress and it is very common for them to cause the anxieties that can require the use of preventative medicines.  Be sure and have a safety supply of any medications you may need. First Aid Kit – A first aid kit with band aids, gauge, first aid cream, bug repellent, and anti-itch cream are basic emergency supplies and can come in handy.  Make sure to pack them in a waterproof container.

While you can never quite plan for a flood, it is very important to prepare for one.  Having an emergency supply kit that is easily accessible in case of a flood or other natural disaster is a great way to protect your family.   This list will insure you have the basic emergency supplies in case of a flood.  For more information on preparedness, visit Red  Their website contains a great deal of information to help you and your family prepare for a natural disaster, including preparing for a flood.