Signs that Spring has Arrived

Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. There are so many activities taking place. As the sun begins to shine, the day time gets lengthened and the temperatures begin to rise. There is a whole new life cycle beginning for both plants and animals. Birds are coming back from winter migrations and the insects are getting back to life. The plants are budding with new flowers and everywhere is getting green with new leaves.

There are many signs that signify the arrival of spring. Here are just some of them.

1) Rising of Sun

The sun begins to rise and the days get longer. This causes the nature to heat up. Snowing ceases and the gloomy winter leaves with it. There is a whole new world on creation. The snow melts away and people step outdoors. You will be delighted to feel the warmth of the sunshine and the warm touch of your own fingertips.

2) Melting Of Snow

With the sunrise the snow begins to melt away. Slowly the white color of winter is replaced by many bright colors of the spring. This gives a chance for plants to grow out of the soil once more. There is a good temperature as well as enough moisture for growing. This is the time of the year when small plants begin their life cycles.

3) Flowers

Flowers are the first messengers of spring. Daffodils rank on top of everything else for this purpose. Some of these flowers bloom even before the snow is fully disappeared from the ground. The trees turn from white to green and then, they get covered with flowers of various colors and smells. This provides a good source of food for animals as well as for insects.

4) Birds Returning Home

The birds, who migrated to the warmer climates at the time of the winter, return home with the spring. They bring the sound of spring with them. It is a very pleasing site to watch as the flocks of birds fly north to their original breeding grounds. Once they reach their natural habitat, they get busy with building nests and finding mates for the upcoming mating season. This is the best time for bird watching, as the birds are full in action. They sing those famous breeding choruses and perform their elegant dances to attract a partner.

5) Insects in the Air

As the flowers start to bloom, the pollens come to life with them. For insects, spring marks the beginning of a new life cycle. The tiny creatures can be seen everywhere from the deep forests to your very back yard. Studying insects is a pleasing thing to do, if you have enough time and patience to look for the tiniest details of nature.

6) Rivers Full Of Water

With the melting down of snow, the rivers start to flood with water. The lakes lose their frozen surfaces and the life becomes normal for all water dwellers. Spring marks the time when the water becomes warm enough to resume water activities outside. People plan on swimming and diving with the arrival of the spring.

7) Start of Rain and Storms

Spring is also a wet season in most parts. This is important for the plants to grow as plants need both warmth and moisture for growing. There are unexpected showers and the showers can even turn out into storms at times.

8) Animals Giving Birth

Animals come out of winter hibernation and everywhere you would see hungry animals searching and feeding on the new vegetation. This is also the breeding period for most animals. As the nature gives a rebirth to the environment, many animals give birth to their offspring.

9) Green Everywhere

With the arrival of spring, you will see green all over the place. This really means that the spring has arrived. Get outdoors and feel the warm sunshine against your skin. Feel the touch of warm finger tips. Look for the beauty of nature as the small insects and blossoms creep through the undergrowth.

10) Smell of spring

Spring has its own smell. Part of it is due to the many lovely flowers of spring and part of it comes from the wet soil. This smell is unmistakable and may give you many good memories of wonderful springs you spent as a child.

It is always better to look for the signs of arrival of spring. Spring is the time for happiness and romance. When you see the signs of the spring have arrived, it will simply uplift your spirit and fill your heart with joy.