Signs that Spring has Arrived

You can’t concentrate because the pleasant weather consumes your every thought.  You can’t stop thinking about the colorful flowers and the radiant weather because it almost seems too good to be true. You wonder if you’ll ever feel this happy again.  Does that mean you’ve fallen in love?  Well in a way it certainly does because you’ve fallen in love with the outdoors once again.

Spring has finally arrived.  It’s that time of year to look for all the possible signs that spring is here.  This brief list of ten items will help you keep your eyes open to the marvelous signs that spring has made its debut once again.

#1  Sunrise and Sunset

With the onset of daylight savings time, you will quickly notice that the days have gotten longer.  The average day has more than two hours of extra daylight compared to the darkest days of December.  The evenings seem to last forever and summer backyard barbeques and baseball games are just around the corner.

#2  Spring Flowers

The earliest bloomers are beginning to peek their heads out below the surface of the ground.  Tulips, marigolds, crocuses and lilies are coloring the newly greening landscapes across the temperate climate zones.  Fragrant flowers and cheerful blossoms make their appearance just in time for the spring holidays.

#3  Mating Season

Animals and insects alike have begun their mating season thus making it clear that springtime has arrived.  Even the smallest ladybugs and most attractive birds have found time to engage in this springtime activity.  With the onset of spring comes the awareness that life is always renewing time and time again.

#4  Census

Of course, the fact that spring has arrived doesn’t usually carry with it political connotations, but in some years, it is a sure sign that your census is due.  When your census packet arrives in the mail, your first thought might be, “Ugh, how long is this going to take?”  Fortunately, it doesn’t take long, and it is a sign that spring is here.

#5  Seasonal Business

With the arrival of spring also comes the reopening of seasonal businesses that have closed for the winter.  Surf shops, outdoor nurseries, and ice cream parlors are dusting off their countertops and preparing for a fresh season of business.  With the first signs of spring approaching comes the reality that good weather equals good business.

#6  Spring Break

Malls, movie theaters, and local attractions are busier than ever because spring break for the students is in full swing.  Teenage shoppers, adolescent video gamers, and college students litter the streets with energy and newly found freedom.  Playgrounds and outdoor skateboard parks have become popular recreational areas for children and youth who are looking for a fun way to spend spring break.

#7  Fashion Trends

One of the signs that spring has arrived is the immediate change in fashion that is seen across most climate zones.  Winter boots, hats, and coats have been pushed to the back of the closet, and shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops have taken center stage.  With the arrival of spring comes the fast transition away from heavy clothing to the lighter and brighter side of fashion.

#8  Potholes

The harsh weather conditions of the winter months have left a noticeable amount of potholes in most neighborhoods across the nation.  The decaying asphalt and eroding cement has left much to be desired in the way of transportation.  Many roads are filled with potholes that only seem to get a little bigger each day.

#9  Tornadoes

Unfortunately, spring does have a few disadvantages, and tornado season is certainly one of them.  Tornado season lasts for several months, but it does begin its rampage during the early parts of spring.  With the changing weather conditions and the volatile air formations, tornadoes are certainly a sign that spring has arrived.

#10  Home Repairs

House painting, roof repairs, and landscaping have all been on hold for months, and now maintenance outdoors has begun.  Home repair is a sure sign that spring has arrived.  Hardware stores, home goods specialty shops, and lumberyards have all opened their doors for the onslaught of visitors.

In conclusion, signs that spring has arrived can be seen everywhere.  From the newly formed creations to the annoying hassles of potholes, evidence of spring is not difficult to find.  If you feel a sense of renewed energy, then take advantage of every opportunity that springtime has to afford.  You may just fall in love again with the wonderful signs of spring.