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Was the Apollo moon landing real or a hoax?

I think you will find, if you do even the most superficial research into the stories alleging the Apollo moon landings to be a hoax, that profiteering from the sale of books and other media hyping the conspiracy is the common thread shared by all. What they represent as “evidence” in purported documentaries, hardly qualifies as such in any scientifically contextual use of the word. Furthermore, their inability to refute any of the immutable intrinsic evidence which confirms mans’ visits to the Moon, indeed their blatant attempts to ignore it, or lack of intellectual sophistication with respect to any understanding of such proof, raises question of their own sagacious integrity. Let me offer a few examples.


There exist in the national archives, thousands of pictures taken on the Moons surface as well as those taken in orbit of the moon. There were no digital cameras in the 1960’s, so the negatives still exist for all of these pictures. Hoax theorists might suggest that these pictures were all staged here on Earth, a convenient bit of conjecture, but which is unsupported by any evidence, even bad evidence, like producing testimony to the fact by any of the hundreds of photographers, set designers and other technical experts that would have been required to produce the facade. But here’s a question that might be more difficult for them to invent and answer for. How is it that some of these pictures (again on film not video tape) show the cratered back side of the moon which is never visible from Earth? Maybe the moon doesn’t really look like that on the back side. Here’s a suggestion, visit the link below and look at the few out of thousands of pictures in existence from the Apollo 11 mission here, note the granularity of detail of the moonscape and then consult with a Hollywood specialist to see how much time and effort it would take to produce props of this quality. It would probably be cheaper just to go to the Moon in the first place.

All this being said, the possibility that all of these photo’s were secretly faked can not be dismissed. Yes it is possible, but highly improbable.


There are thousands of hours of telemetry and voice recordings which were transmitted between the Earth and the Moon during the Apollo missions, and it is within the subtle details of these communication signals we find evidence of such quality that it independently blows the whimsical notions of hoax theorist out of the water. Along with the voice communications (comm) and telemetry that were transmitted back and forth,are little electronic markers (a little beep on voice comm) that is used to synchronize the time differences between transmitting and receiving locations. If you listen to the comm, you can pick them out. It’s kind of like the little dot in the upper right hand corner of a movie which alerts the projectionist to switch projectors and start the next real. It’s there, and if you’ve never seen it before, next time you are at the movies, pay close attention and you will see it. Any ways, a similar marker is used in audio communications, particularly those involving aircraft and such.

As most of humanity has known for roughly the past 500 years, the earth is rotating on it’s axis. Therefore, the distance between any point on the Moon and any point on Earth is always changing. Radio signals propagate through space at roughly 162,000 miles per second, just sightly less than the speed of light. At this velocity, an electronic pulse would travel one mile in roughly 6.17 microseconds. Now, taking into account the rotation of the earth, a given point on the equator is traveling eastward at roughly 1,100 miles per hour. Since this point is traveling on a parabola, the distance between such a point and a given point on the Moon is always changing and the rate of change is changing as well. Therefore, if you were sending electrical pulses, lets say 5 seconds apart, between the Moon and a point on earth, the timing between pulses would never be the same. When the Earth based comm station was moving towards the Moon the interval between pulses as observed on Earth would be slightly less than 5 seconds and when the Earth up/down link is moving away from the Moon, slightly longer. It’s called the Doppler effect, and it is a scientific certainty.

Now, taking into account a few more variables, like the fact that the moon is moving too, its distance from the earth is changing do to its elliptical orbit, and the geological asymmetries of Earth it self, would result in subtle but measurable variations in Doppler shift, the prospect of simulating thousands of hours worth of radio comm reflecting the exactly predictable Doppler shift variations would be an insurmountable it not impossible task. Even with the biggest and fastest supercomputers today, the accomplishment of the feat, as compared to sequencing of the human genome would make the latter look like child’s play. But, such supercomputers didn’t exist in the 1960’s, and simulating the exact and predictable comm data was a virtual impossibility. Ask the best electronics engineers you can find, and they will all tell you it would be a lot cheaper, quicker, and easier to just go to the Moon and generate real comm data, and that’s probably still true today.

So, for all you hoax theorist who have spent years researching this phenomena and come to the conclusion that the moon landings was a hoax, I challenge you now to offer some explanation to refute the evidence I have just summarized. Go to NASA, get the tapes and do a little investigative analysis on the Doppler shift. I will even volunteer my $40,000 Tek oscilloscope and assistance in the project. Then you can see for yourself the proof positive that Neil and Buzz and the rest, did in fact land and walk on the surface of the Moon. I will stake the reputation of a twenty five year career in electronic engineering on it.