Side Effects of Epitol

Epitol is a drug which doctors may choose for treating types of epileptic seizures depending on what those types are. Epitol can also be used for other medical conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia, and bipolar disorder in some cases.

Doctors must use precautions when they consider prescribing Epitol. If you are a person that has taken an MAOI drug for any reason, taking this with a drug like Epitol is very dangerous and will cause life threatening side effects. Your doctor will need to remove you from taking Epitol for at least a 14 day period before prescribing the drug. The drug may also cause blood reactions that are very severe and even life threatening. This is why blood work is extremely important while you are taking Epitol on a steady basis. It is possible to have skin reactions that are also fatal when you are taking this medication. If while taking the medication, you see that your skin is blistering, peeling, red or swelling, then you need to contact your doctor right away since this is a sign.

Epitol may also cause birth injury in a pregnant woman. This is something to strongly be aware of and if you are pregnant or nursing, you need to let your doctor know right away if you are taking the medication. Other conditions that may not work well with Epitol include any types of bone marrow problems, heart block, hypertension, liver disease, or kidney problems.

There are several over the counter medications as well as those that are prescribed which may cause very serious interactions with taking Epitol. If you need to purchase an over the counter drug for any reason at all, be sure you consult with your pharmacist before you do so.

You need to take Epitol just the way in which your doctor prescribed it on the medication label. Never change, alter, or quit taking this drug on your own. Stopping it without the doctor’s direction could prove to be very dangerous. The typical dosage of Epitol is from 400 to 1200 milligrams daily. You can take it either with your meal or without.

Epitol may also have some other serious side effects to it. Some people have reported vertigo, upset stomach, and vomiting as the more common side effects. Other severe side effects may also include eye problems, feeling short of breath, trouble with coordination, fainting, black stools, changes in urine output, dark urine, possible weight gain, and involuntary muscle movements. If,  while taking Epitol you have any of these side effects, you need to report them to your doctor right away.