Sex more of a Physical or Mental Thing

It is somewhat difficult to separate the mental and the physical realms involved in sex, because, generally, they work together to form the whole. Yet I’ll know many people who will say that sex is really just the physical thing, while love is the mental thing, and I’ll meet many people who will say the opposite.

What is sex, then? Is it just the result, or the climax, of two people’s physical attractions to one another? Or is it just part of the mind? In order to answer this question we have to examine what exactly is a “physical thing” and what exactly is a “mental thing.” The physical thing is more than likely sex’s “outlet,” that is, we can see sex being done. However, the mental thing is part of a more difficult, more complex, psychological foundation that exists individually. Therefore, it’s difficult to say definitively whether sex is more of a physical thing, or more of a mental thing.

If sex was more of a mental thing, why do people try to separate sex and love? Wouldn’t they be the same thing (or close to the same thing) if they were based mentally? Or do they come from different areas of the brain? On the other hand, if sex was more of a physical thing, then how do we explain some people who cannot have sex other than with people they actually love? Here we get between a rock and a hard place: we have to try to define what love is, and again, that’s completely subjective.

I would say that for myself, sex would be more of a mental thing. For me, it would have very little to do with the physical features of the person. Granted, I must be physically attracted to the person in order to do the deed, but my psychological workings work far more than my lower half’s does. It is hard for me to separate the mental part of sex from love, because I feel that they are somewhat close to one another. I’d get to asking more questions such as, “Are sex and love the same? How can you tell the difference? etc.” Yet I only wrote that the mental part of sex and love are similar, and not the same. Of course, for some people, they may be the same, whether they acknowledge it or not, but personally, I’d try to keep two difficult concepts separate for the time being.