Sex more of a Physical or Mental Thing

Sex. It seems that a three letter word would be one easily identified. It would be something that explanations were simple and short. If we were to describe it, it would probably come out to sound like a very physical thing. It has its roots in actions performed by two or more people, all of which are physical actions.

But it isn’t that simple. First of all the answer is different for each person and sometimes for each case in which the act is present. Grouping all acts of a sexual nature into one group and saying that they are all physical or all mental is impossible to do. Some would reply that for men it is physical and for women it is mental, but even this would be stereotyping all women and all men, along with every case of sex happening in the world.

To understand whether sex is more physical or more mental goes beyond our capabilities. So, instead lets look at why it is both. Sex is always physical. There is no way to separate it from the physical. Even if you take a less traveled method of sexuality such as phone sex or cybersex you still have a physical aspect of it in self pleasuring. There isn’t a way to separate the act from the physical nature of the having sex or performing sexual acts.

Many would say that sex is then mostly physical. This would probably be a true statement taking in account how they feel about sex and what sex is for them. However, many people have a hard time performing when they are mentally prepared for sex. They have a huge mental portion of themselves that needs to be apart of the sex in order for it to work out for them. They often struggle to have simply physical sex.

There are also people who would say that they don’t enjoy sex if they aren’t mentally in tune with it. It isn’t just enough to have heat, passion, and sex. There needs to be something mental about it and when there isn’t they don’t find it enjoyable.

This would lead me to say that sex is always physical, but the best of sex is mental as well. It isn’t enough to go through the motions. It isn’t enough to drive the car and see where it goes. There has to be a mental preparation, and mental involvement with the act in order to make it the best of sex.