Sex more of a Physical or Mental Thing

Sex, in this day and age seems to be misconstrued quite a bit in my eyes. The man becomes a hungry animal with only means to please himself. The woman being the innocent giver relenquishes her power to withold and gives in. The man seems to be someone who has this desire and though this is true. A woman’s desire lies within as well.

Men in the past have been objectifiers, even since the dawn of time men have been objectifying things. But lest we forget, it was woman who plucked the apple from the tree. The story of Adam and Eve here changes permanently what the relationships of man and woman would be for all eternity. I will not deny that men do not objectify women, because it in fact does happen quite a bit. But let’s not stereotype men into just this category. Let’s broaden our horizons a bit and realize that some men in fact are objectifyed as well. Models and pin-ups are objectifyed by women indefinitley. The sexual aspect and attractive curves give them the same giddyness as a 8th grade school girl. They don’t look at these men for they’re intelligence, personality, and outlook on life. They look at this still frame picture as a piece of meat. Men and women as we see now are not so different in how they feel things. So let’s get to the subject at hand. Is sex a physical or mental thing.

Sex can be many things for many people, an addiction, a dream, a fear, a sensual transition to new begginings, or what have you. But the question of whether its a physical or mental thing is not an easy question to topple. I believe sex starts out, from the physical aspect. Sure, before hand you may think it as a mental thing, but after the first time, it is physical as much as you may try to make it a mental thing. But what turns the tables and transitions sex from a physical to a mental process is time and maturity. I do believe however, in the midst of man and woman being equal in this subject, I do believe women are more sensitive mentally the first time they do in fact have sex. But on the other hand women do seem to become more attached as well. A relationship in fact as well the woman can easily fall in love much quicker then the man. Yes, a man may seem like a bumbling fool at times but his mental process is always observing always watching to make sure what he steps into, he can easily get out of, or he can be safe. Men, though we have all that testosterone that covers our emotions, have a gentle side too. Whether we choose to show it or not differs. But in my experiance, sex at one time was an option, and something for fun. Then I met someone, I truly fell in love with. Yes, I was hurt, cheatd on with a long time relationship. But as I’ve grown out of it. I’ve realized how much sex can bring in something great, or take out something great. Slowly people recover from such relationships, as I have been. But I never forget the things she’s said compared to the things she’s done. It’s become a mental process, and it’s not whether I’m good enough. It’s whether or not I’m ready to put myself out there again to someone else. Whether, I believe in my heart its the right thing to do. And in this day and age it’s heart to find morals with the system that is in place, not only in the white house but in our streets. Sex becomes a learning process that starts physical and trancends to a mental form. But one thing that doesn’t change is that sex is one of the most emotional and phsyical things you do with someone. As much as this is going to sound like an after school special, just make sure you know for sure this is a person you want to be giving such a thing to.