Science Festival

Science can be considered a “touchy subject” for many reasons. The most common reasons why usually ties in with the relationship between Science & Religion as well as a general lack of interest among the youth. So if one were to host a science festival, what should one do to make it entertaining as well as welcoming to all groups of people? The answer is actually quite simple, hold special workshops, seminars, or events that cover specific Scientific ideologies such as the history of the universe or the physics of a black hole. These workshops or, as I like to call them, “Side events” allow fans of Science to attend discussions or debates on a ideology they feel strongly about with other fans of the same ideology. This also helps keeps the festival organized as certain interests are in one area of the festival while another interest is in another part of the festival.

The main event of the festival should be on a current topic in the field of Science but one that refrains from offending certain groups. Instead of a main event focusing on such things as evolution, try to have it focus on a new technological breakthrough. No matter what ones personally beliefs are, any fan of Science can feel excitement from hearing of a new breakthrough whether it be in Technology or Medicine or any other “neutral” field. Another plus is to offer plenty of refreshments and food at a reasonable rate, many people hate overpricing at events and festivals and the appeal of the food at a cheaper price will actually cause more purchases.

Another important factor to take into consideration the interest of kids at a festival dedicated to Science. Hands on activities are always a great way to keep children entertained while you browse the festival. Offer some sort of hands on tent where parents may leave their children supervised to do crafts and experiments that are all Science based. Some of these crafts/experiments can be rather cheap and easy to do such as building wooden gliders to teach the physics of flight or launching a rocket (made out of a 2 liter bottle) using water pressure. Not only does this keep children entertained but it helps spark creativity and an interest in Science. You might struggle getting people to come to the festival so it is good to find a charity to donate to 10% of the profit from admissions. This gives people a feeling that they are contributing to a cause and are more likely to purchase admission into the festival.  When managed right, the above suggestions can help one host a great science festival.