The History of the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Recently, the Edinburgh International Science Festival has marked its 19th anniversary around April of this year. It’s a science festival that’s annually held in Edinburgh, Scotland for 12 days in April. The festival from what I read isn’t limited to one location within the city but there are numerous events held throughout the city. Edinburgh International Science Festival has two major sponsors, the Edinburgh City Council and the Scottish Executive.

The EISF is supposed to have something for everybody regardless of what age you are. Events at the festival are in the forms of talks, tours, and exhibitions around the city.

This year’s science festival has already been held. So if you wanted to attend, you’ve missed the chance and would have to wait until next April. It was held from April 2nd to April 15th. Current sponsors aside from those two mentioned above are Edina Trust, Scottish Power, SELEX, Agilent Technologies, Wolfson Microelectronics, and GSK. It’s supposed to be a charity event from what one of the websites explain.

The Edinburgh International Science Festival was created to bring the experience of science to the children of Scotland along with bringing science to all of society. The people working the festival have the passion to offer science and technology to children and adults. Along with the general public, the Edinburgh Internaitonal Science Festival has brought forth science majors, graduates, scientists, doctors, professors, and other intellectuals to Edinburgh, Scotland for those 12 days who want to share their science with the public masses.

It’s one of Europe’s biggest festivals let alone one of the biggest festivals in the United Kingdom. From the attendance, it could very well be just as bit as the BA Festival of Science if not bigger. If you’re in the Edinburgh area, then the Edinburgh International Science Festival should be worth checking out. With the numerous activities to do and tours to take, it’s a good way to educate your children and get them into science.