Sneak Peek at the 2008 World Science Festival in new York City

Not much is known about the 2008 World Science Festival in NYC. Except that this festival is going to be the first World Science Festival. It’s dubbed on the main website as “A Universe of Science in New York City.” Apparently the event is supposed to be spearheaded by Alan Alda from an interview. Alan Alda is most notable in his roles as Dr. “Hawkeye” Pierce from “M.A.S.H.” and California Senator and Republican Rival Arnold Vinnick from the “West Wing.” It’s pretty much known that Alan Alda is a pioneer and an avid supporter of the sciences. He was host of a show that ran weekly on PBS.

The 2008 World Science Festival in NYC is quoted as:
“The first annual World Science Festivala weeklong exploration of science, from cutting-edge research to works in theatre, film, and the arts inspired by sciencewill take place in New York City in 2008.”

It’s already established that it’s going to be a week long event in New York City. Seems the events are going to be covering ane exploring the various aspects of the sciences. And from the quote, it looks as if they’re in the forms of today’s cutting-edge research, theatratical productions, film, and various works of art. Seems that all these mediums will be meshed together and made into one big event that’s dubbed the World Science Festival.

The motivation behind this festival is focused on showcasing todays hot topic issues on science and the cultural shifts behind it. The World Science Festival will take place each year in New York City. So, NYC is going to be the prime location of this new and soon to be prestigious event. The festival will cover all sorts of events and issues in front of a wide audience. In turn, the audience will have access to various ideas and discoveries.

The festival is also aimed to bring together various figures in science from the world’s leading scientists, technologists, college professors, educators dedicated to the sciences, politicians, artists, film makers, performers, Nobel laureates, and may other people. The people are brought together by one common ground, which is science and how their work is inspired by the sciences.

The events aren’t known yet at the moment and I hope they don’t disappoint. Reading the front page, the festival is supposed to have all sorts of events in the form of lectures, debates, children’s workshops, film showings, dramatic performances, music performances, theatre showings, and what not. It sounds to be a beautiful mesh of various mediums put together that all revolve around science.
Overall, the premise seems to be very noble, intriguing, and very promising. So far, they’ve got very ingenious ideas. But the date hasn’t been listed yet.

They’re going to have to pick their dates carefully. At the bottom of the page, it seems as if the concept behind the World Science Festival has been thought out since 2006.

They’re going to have to pick the right date. The World Science Festival is going to be up against other festivals such as the Australian Science Festival, BA Festival of Science, etc. There are notable events taking place in NYC as well such as the New York Comic Con and Digital Life. Since it’s 2008, there’s going to be the Summer Olympics taking place in Beijing. Along with the Olympics is the 2008 elections.

Overall, if the dates are right, the 2008 World Science Festival has very much potential. If it’s held months before election night in November 2008, Presidential candidates would definitely benefit from attending.

It seems that there’s been a good amount of careful planning and thinking put forth into this event.