Events you don’t want to Miss at the BA Festival of Science

The 2007 BA Festival of Science will take place from September 9-15 at the University of York at York, United Kingdom. It’s supposed to be one of the biggest science events in all of the United Kingdom. Scientists from the United Kingdom and abroad from Europe, North American, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America will be present at this event. The event is open to the general audience where they get to hear and watch the latest developments in scientific research.

Last year’s BA Festival of Science was held in Norwich.

One event that’s supposed to be at this year’s BA Festival of Science is called “Science in the City.” It’s supposed to bring a programme of events in the form of art exhibits, debates, and various performing arts events in the form of dramas and musicals.

If you’re an art buff, you should attend this years Festival of Science for the art exhibitions. Since I’m into acting and theatre, I’d probably show up to the festival to take a look at the theatrical performances. And I would love the opportunity to be able to perform in front of a large crwod of people. For the debates, if you’re a political science major then you should definitely attend the debates that are supposed to take place.

That events alone would entice me to attend the BA Festival of Science provided I had the funds for it. Most importantly, people of all ages can enjoy what “Science in the City” at the BA Festival of Science has to offer.

There’s another event called the “BA Award Lectures” where five communicators are the Award Lecture at the BA Festival of Science. We get to listen and learn from these young scientists and encourage them to continue on with their work. In today’s world, we need more scientists to help combat all sorts of matters such as global warming, deforestation, AIDS, cancer, hemophilia, and other various subjects. From what I read, being able to lecture at a prestigious festival as this is indeed an honor.

If you have children, definitely take them to this event. There’s supposed to be activities for the children with one of them investigating the science of superheroes and supervillains. Though I’m not a child, I’d definitely would like to show up at that event just to investigate the science of superheroes.

Some of the programmes won’t pop up online in September. So I really can’t choose what events I want to attend. It seems as if all the events at this year’s BA Festival of Science are worth checking out. I strongly feel that each event will provide a plethora of knowledge to the masses. And knowledge is very precious in my opinion.

So what events you want to attend is up to you. You can search the programme at the main website:

You can download the programme via PDF. However they say that the searchable online one will be online shortly. What events you do not want to miss depends on your passion. If you can, attend as many events as possible.