Reasons why People Fail in Life

Success is an important factor for measurement of life’s fulfillment; it determines whether you have fully aligned into your purpose for existence. In the cross-examination of people’s views, ideas and opinions about the subject of success and failure they have often asserted the significance of success and the difference between success and failure. the fact that individuals like to be acquainted with success rather than failure speaks volume of how vital success is in all of human endeavours.In the course of life it has become almost inevitable for people to experience failures from time to time in various aspects of life but most success-oriented individuals use their failures as a platform to achieve success. It’s one for you to experience failure and another to recover from it and be spurred on to record outstanding success from it, a very good example is Donald Trump, he was not discouraged after his failures, and he lost millions of dollars in business but later recovered from that by consequently making billions of dollars achieving success to atone for his earlier setbacks, the character of a man will be severely put to test after failures but his ability to recover well from it will show the true test of a man’s character, another example is Saheed Adeyemo,the CEO Emerald Emporium who had to relinquish a big building nearing completion that was worth millions of naira due to Local Government Authorities vehemently regarding the land on which he built on as illegal but his character was truly tested as he recovered from that failure and he had since built various edifice that are bigger and more expensive than his demolished building. He did not give up easily, the seventh reason below, used his failures as a solid foundation for building his success. The major reasons why people fail in life are as follows:

(1)   NOT KNOWING WHAT THEY WANT: The first major reason why people fail in life is that they don’t know what they want and you can get the best out of life if you don’t know what you want from life. You must be able to understand fully what you want from life, strive to achieve it effectively and efficiently, and then you can think of getting the best out of life for yourself.

(2)   NOT DOING WHAT THEY KNOW: Another major reason is that people are engaged in what they don’t know rather than what they know. They prefer to copy others in what they are engaged in not minding if they have little or no knowledge about it, very important for individuals to have  ample and first hand information about anything they are going to be engaged in, in any area of life. It is good to seek for knowledge if one has little or no knowledge about what he/she wants to get involved in. Medium of seeking for knowledge include Schooling; Formal, Semi-formal or Informal, Media; Radio, Television, Internet and Newspaper and Reading; Books, Articles and Journals.

(3)   NOT ASSOCIATING WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Not associating and rubbing minds with the right people, those that have a little more experience than we do in any facet of life we are engaged in have also been identified as another reason why people fail in life. As the popular adage says “Birds of the same feather flocks together” we must learn to flock together with the right association, one that will benefit us. It’s also important that we look for the clicks that will lift us up, people of like minds that shares the same vision as that will contribute positively toward achieving success in life.

(4)   NOT LEARNING AND EDUCATING FURTHER: Another reason that has been identified is the inability of individuals to educate and learn further, should always be looking to improve on the information we have at hand. To move to the next level, we need additional information and knowledge and that can be achieved by learning and educating further. Learning and educating could come in form of a formal way, informal way or semi-formal. According to an adage that says “Knowledge is Power” can then use the power to achieve success i.e. Knowledge begat Power, Power begat Success.

(5)   DOING WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING: As it is often said “Extraordinary people do extra things” thus you must be prepared to do extra things in a unique way to be an extraordinary person thus standing out from the crowd. You cannot be an extraordinary person by doing what everybody else is doing rather doing extra things and having positive impact makes you an extraordinary person, failure to do this all the more makes you an ordinary person. Individuals have ended up being failures as they have failed to do things innovatively rather taking the option of copying others in whatever they do thus contributing to their downfall as they end up as second best.

(6)   NOT TAKING ENOUGH RISKS: From time to time, people have been known not to be keen on taking risks shying from the fact that life is full of risks rather they prefer to play it safe. Playing it safe has always been second fiddle to taking risks thus individuals that play it safe most times end up as failure’s friend while the wise one’s willingness to take on risks and accept it as part of what life brings along eventually tells sweet tales about their success stories.

(7)   GIVING UP EASILY: The seventh and the last major reason why people fail in life is that they are easily fed up thereby giving up easily. They quickly give up on life in the midst of difficulties/problem they are encountering. Problems are inevitable in life at various times in life but only have the long-suffering spirit required to see them through it rather they prefer to give up easily thereby contributing towards their inability to succeed in life. In conclusion, these reasons are the major causes why people end up in life as failures and it is high time inhabitants of this earth strived hard to fulfill their purpose for creation.